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What was the strangest social event you've ever attended?

-- Mo (, August 10, 1999


the time I went to a bon-fire party out in the deserts of West Texas. I was in high school at the time and quite shy/unsocialized but pissed off for some stupid reason so when one of the more wild girls invited me out to this party, I said "sure thang!"

I found myself in this group of hard drinking, drug doing older strangers in the middle of the desert. I had no transporation, no phone within miles and even if there was a phone I would have been afraid to call anyone because I'd lied about where I was going to be that night.

I came out unscathed and never went back but a few months later, several other girls who attended those parties went missing (separately) and one of the guys from the group as accused of killing them and then dumping them in the desert.

Ever since then and after I read stories on how convenient murderous types found the particular part of the desert I realize how damn lucky I probably was.

So much for teenage rebellion.

-- jai (, August 10, 1999.

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