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I am wanting to order oxygen absorbers and buckets from the glitchproof site. If anyone has ordered from them, were they dependable and how long waiting for shipment? I sent them an e-mail, have had no answer. Could not find a phone number for them. Thanks in advance. Karen

-- Karen (, August 10, 1999



I ordered some O2 absorbers from glitchproof, they arrived and I was pleased. They are slow to answer e-mail. They did give me a telephone # 877-302-0706. I had the same question you did, wondering if they are OK to order from. I would order from them again.

Be sure to read the directions on the O2 absorbers before opening the package. I didn't and ruined some.

-- monique (, August 10, 1999.

I too ordered from I ordered oxygen absorbers and mylar bags. They were delivered very quickly and I was pleased with the products. I would, and probably will, order from them again.

-- LIbby Alexander (, August 10, 1999.

Monique, I tried that phone number and could not get the company. Could you possibly recheck it? Thank you. Karen

-- Karen (, August 10, 1999.


I checked the phone # and that is correct as I have it. I have never called glitchproof. I ordered through their web site. I was given that # when they responded to my e-mail.

Prior to them e-mailing that # I tried to find a phone # for glitchproof through information and had no luck. Sorry I can't help you further.

I sent them 5 e-mails before I got a response, and that took many weeks. The product I ordered from them arrived in about week.

-- monique (, August 10, 1999.


The site is still up and running but that does not insure that they are still in operation. Many small preparedness supply companies have gone under in the past few weeks and it often takes time for the web sites to shut down. I am not suggesting that this is the case with Glitchproof but I can tell you that they are not listed in the Y2KSUPPLY vendor ratings. You should keep trying the phone number shown on their site. Also, look at Sorbent Systems for Ox absorbers.

-- For (, August 11, 1999.

For I did place my order right from their site. I received a confirmation from them within minutes. Now we'll wait and see. I do believe they are still in business or I don't think I would have gotten that confirmation. I did suggest to them to put a phone # on their site. There is none that I could find. Thanks. Karen

-- Karen (, August 11, 1999.

I bought oxygen absorbers and bags from Glitchproof. Jim is on the level.

-- Ron Schwarz (, August 17, 1999.

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