What do I use? for resolution? Frams per second? How do I clean up an avi?

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I am starting this VCD making with a cheapo Connectix Quick clip. It can actually capture video in frame rates up to 40fps and resolution of 320x240. What frame rate should I use? What resolution should I use? When I am done with my avi, it tends to look grainy and there is a small part at the bottom of my avi that is garbled looking. Is there any way for me to clean up my avi? I have Xing Encoder, CD Creator 3.5 deluxe, a Connectix Quick Clip, and a CDRW. Got any ideas? Please email me. Thanks, Mike cabusi@ite.net

-- Mike (cabusi@ite.net), August 10, 1999


For VCD you need to capture according to the WhiteBook standard: 352x240, 29.97 fps, Video rate 1150 kbps, audio rate 224 kbps at 44.1 kHz stereo.

Xing has a VCD template to use for this.


-- Kevin (delgadil@cisco.com), August 10, 1999.

What Mr. Kevin had stated is true only for NTSC standard. For PAL standard, the frame rate must be 352X288. The rest remains the same.

-- Perumal Kumar (vijku@singnet.com.sg), November 27, 1999.

Sorry Friend, For PAL standard, it must be 352 X 288 frames per second. The rest remains the same.

-- Perumal Kumar (vijku@singnet.com.sg), November 27, 1999.

Wrong again, mate. those were not frame rate. PAL is 352x288 resolution but 25 frame per sec. 16 bit audio for all. Then the rest remain the same.

The bottom part which is garbled is never seen on TV. If you want to cut it out, usually the capture card have adjustment for bottom lines, just cut 4 lines out.

But since your max res is 320x240, you may not be able to make whitebook compliant VCD.

-- Rusman Priyana (priyana@eudoramail.com), November 29, 1999.

Since your capture is 320x240 your encoder will either resize or add black background to make it to 352*240 or 352*288. The later reduces quality and distorts the image.

-- Arun (Arun@stones.com), December 14, 1999.

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