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I've read in a number of posts that people are using siphon pumps to draw water out of their storage barrels. Where are these found? and approximate cost? I have 55 gal former OJ barrels, tops do not have holes, can you just pierce the top and put siphon in, or is it a screw-type device? Never seen one, can't picture, please describe. Thanks!

-- Deb (, August 09, 1999



Barrels must have threaded holes to install pump assy. I do have a slick item I got at a show which is a 5/8 hose with a patented suction device that you install in fluid, shake and presto you got flow. About $10 ea. Email me and I will give you the phone number.

-- rob (, August 09, 1999.

You should find a siphon pump at an auto supply or even WalMart.

If you want to order one from Harbor Freight Company you can call 1-800 423-2567. The item # is 37739-OAEA. Self-Priming Siphon Pump (cost $9.99). Ask for a free catalog which has pumps for gas and oil (2 models). They also have a portable solar power center for $29.99.....will charge a number of things.

-- red (, August 09, 1999.

Deb, Rob is right; you need a threaded hole for siphon pump. I have a siphon pump in our water drums (from Pepsi), but I have several 6' long hoses which require weighted end of hose to be jiggled up and down to initiate siphoning action. I plan to transfer kerosene or gasoline from 55 gal drums to 5 gal containers with these. Ordered frp, Handsome Rewards (909)-943-2023. Two or more $10 each.

-- Sylvia (, August 09, 1999.

A bit of elementary end of hose (outside of fluid) must be lower than the end that is in the fluid). Gravity does the rest....some people suck on the outside end to get the fluid started but it is risky as you can get a mouth full of whatever. I have seen cheap siphons with a bulb built in the center of the hose to start the flow for 3 or $4 dollars.

BTW how did the OJ get in your barrels? If we figure that out then we know where to put the siphon in....which doesn't need to be screwed in just dropped in. If your barrels have bung holes then you will need a bung wrench (see another thread on this forum).

-- tc (, August 09, 1999.

Maybe we should all be issued bung wrenches to deal with all the bung holes on the regular board.


--Got a Delete Key, BD?

-- Greybear (, August 10, 1999.

Gee, my mother always said that nothing good ever happens after midnight, but it's 12:15 am and you just made me laugh Greybear, thanks!

-- Mumsie (, August 10, 1999.

Thanks for the suggestions! TC--the barrels have lids you can snap on and they have metal pressure rings to seal the lid on. I just couldn't see myself popping the lid on and off and dipping water out with a ladle or bucket or whatever--seems like not a good sanitary option. Greybear-- I always enjoy your posts and frequently get a laugh, I like your sense of humor!! Thanks for introducing some levity into the doom & gloom........

-- Deb (, August 11, 1999.

If you don't have a threaded barrel, consider applying the opposite of the siphon, pressure. By inserting a standard tire valve in the top of the barrel, and a discharge hose sealed into the unthreaded bung, you can apply the pressure needed to extract the water with a tire pump. Hook the pump to the valve stem and hand pump or use a 12v auto air pump (about $12.00) to pressurize the barrel and extract the contents. Very efficent with regards to cleaniness and portioning of liquids.

Works well with threaded bungs also, and can be used as a reservoir fillup by using vacuum. Just reverse the procedure.

-- Michael (, August 11, 1999.

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