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I know that I have started up this subject in other threads, but since no one continued it, I figured that it is worth a try to start a new thread and see what the cat drags in.

I have been shooting MF cross-processed chrome film for the last 6 years and experimenting very little with different emulsions, since I am happy with my choice. I have been shooting Ektachrome 100X (EPZ) and now the new E100S (rated at ASA160). I cannot tell the difference between these two films after printing on Supra but I do know that there are other films out there that may be better. In general, I am trying to acheive supersaturated colors from medium to low contrast landscape scenes, without losing too much shadow or whitening the sky.

Is anyone out there familiar with this process enough to recommend another film?

Thanks for your help!

-- Ivan Singer (, August 09, 1999


I'd like to see some examples of your cross-proc'd work can you link me?....I'm familiar with the end result but had no idea someone actually tinkered with it. I'm sorry I don't have any advice for you but I'd still like to know more....cross-proc'ing in c-41? do you print or outlab? starting color pacs for the given film on supra? thanks

-- trib (, August 11, 1999.

I have not put any of them on the net, yet, because the only ones I have scanned are part of a series that I am in the process of publishing for a book. Usually I start out with 120Y 80M 0C on Supra. I have at one time or another had commercial prints (both custom and automated) made, but the only way to achieve the right contrast and color hues is to print by hand. Also, the negs take some getting used to, they can be bulletproof in some areas and extremely hot in others, so burning and dodging is a must. I have even printed some of my 6x9cm CP negs on 30x40 paper burning in areas like sky for 400% of the exposure time to bring a bright ovecast sky back to normal. I don't recommend going that large, in general with CP's because of the difficulty and expense of working with giant paper. You also lose contrast/saturation going that large, so don't expect to see the same colors that you saw on your 8x10s.

[Note: I use the student dark rooms at the New England School of Photography, which supply the enlargers, lenses, 30" roller RA-4 processor, easels and paper boxes for a very reasonable rate like $450 for 12 weeks of evening use. If you have not printed you own c- 41 negs, it really is quite rewarding.]

Best of luck!

-- Ivan Singer (, August 12, 1999.

I used to print for a living Ivan...and I used to fire guys like you for putting slide film in the c41 processor! heee but seriously..thanks for your color pac I've written it in my log and I'll use it soon!

-- trib (, August 12, 1999.

I've been fired from custom lab jobs many times by people who can't get better paying jobs. They all did me the favor of not choosing a career in a photo lab. The lab that I worked in processed E-6 in C-41 all of the time for customers. For a time, I ran the C-41 dip and dunk without affecting the color line. I will try to post a photo for you on this site...

-- Ivan Singer (, August 12, 1999.

that's quite an accomplishment with a dip and dunk machine,,,,I know how prone they are to skipping a tank but to me nothing is worse than a wing-bitch....i discovered the same things you did in my many years at labs....p.s. no that wasn't a pot-shot at you in the Pofp phorum...but cross-processing is too creative for offense, my personal taste issues stem from seeing too much infrared and not enough platinum and palladium! cross-processing hasn't that many fans but just wait every juco in the country will be offering courses next semester! (gawd here i go apologizing again...sorry I have my reasons..I really do...the local school is offering an full semester course in IR and I'm pissed that they have no more consideration for the students or the cirriculum....the kids need a business course alot worse than a whole semester in IR or a creative course that spends a week on IR MAX! learning to bite my tongue! thanks Ivan

-- trib (, August 12, 1999.

I've posted a new question to deal with the critique of the image that I sent you privately. Let's try to keep the topic going!

-- Ivan Singer (, August 13, 1999.

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