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The Mississippi Military Department (National Guard) would function in their normal role as a state agency member of the SERT, providing additional state resources in responding to a Y2K incident, if needed. (This recommendation provided by the Mississippi Military Department and Mississippi Emergency Management Agency)
State Holiday and Leave Policy
Since the possibility exists that some state agencies may experience major problems with their information systems at the beginning of the year 2000, state agencies may need additional time and all human resources to deal with these problems.
The Governor should consider declaring Monday, January 3, 2000, as a state holiday in addition to or in lieu of Friday, December 31, 1999. A state holiday after January 1 st would provide state agencies additional time to address any problems encountered by information management personnel. In addition, the Governor should consider addressing state government leave policy for information management personnel in January 2000. (page 17)

Y2K Internal Operational Contingency Plans
While some state agencies have made limited able to fulfil their missions, possibly resulting in total inability to provide services. State agencies should explore alternatives and methods that could be used in the event mission-critical information systems malfunction or fail.
ITS is hosting a free Y2K internal operational contingency planning class on August 26 to assist state agencies. All state agencies should send representatives to this class. (page 20)

State Citizens Should Prepare
Much uncertainty exists about what will happen when the year 2000 arrives. While state government believes its information systems will be ready for the new century, problems may occur.
State citizens should be patient, prepare for Y2K as they would for an ice storm or hurricane, and be prepared to be self-supportive for 7-10 days.

State Legislators and Attorney General Should Address Possible Y2K Civil Litigation
While there is much uncertainty as to the extent of any Y2K failure liability to the state, the potential that this liability could be

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Sorry about the way it turned out

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The recommended amount of time to be prepared for keeps getting longer and longer.

You know, they say that if you drop a frog into boiling water, it will jump right out.

If you put a frog into water and start heating it to a boil, that frog will sit there without moving as the water gets hotter and hotter and hotter.

Do you think many of the general population have noticed the increase in recommended preps the last few months? Myself, I doubt it.

-- Jon Williamson (, August 10, 1999.

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