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any suggestions on 1. purchasing AND 2. maintaining a quality sharpening stone? this is something i've read so little about. it seems like it should be very easy. but we've got a good sharpening stone here that, although there's plenty 'left' to it, seems clogged or worn or .. whatever.

i'm sure there's a good book on sharpening stones somewhere out there ...


-- lou (, August 09, 1999


those diamond stones are great,but they'll destroy your edge REALLY fast if you don't know the right sharpening angle for your particular knife.

-- zoobie (, August 09, 1999.

Lou; THE lansky 3 stone sharpener will give you a RAZOR SHARP edge, takes a lot of time(depends on how dull knife was to stat). My self I use a Gillette Mach3 to shave, that Bowie knife would take off my cheek if I sliped! Best all round sharpner I have found is the Edgemaker Pro. These are the ones you find a Kmart,Wall Mart,Meijers ect. The ones in sporting goods, orange plastic handle with a set of carbide rods in a V shape. Sometimes 1 V sometimes 2Vs (corse/fine, not realy fine more like medium) Mine has 2 Vs, also have the single one V that IS fine but for general kitchen pocket knife the 2 V works great. Fast easy to use an a good edge. If ya want a razor edge go Lansky or buy yourself a real razor!

-- Dan Bruce (, August 09, 1999.

1) stones typically get worn, not clogged

2) HOWEVER, if some metal OTHER than steel was ground on one, it might need to be dressed again.

If it is a carbide stone, or an Arkansas stone, you can dress it on the side of an old foot-pedal sandstone. You will be trying to smooth, flatten, the stone being dressed, and removing a portion of the stone on the sandstone. Good luck.


PS stones don't wear out until you can see through them....

-- Chuck, a night driver (, August 09, 1999.

The best sharpening tool I have run across is the Lansky. It solves one of the toughest issues in knife sharpening. Cluelessness. The tool gives you a variety of angles to choose from. I suggest you still get a book on knives and knife care.

For kitchen knives, the Crock Sticks work very well. These are the ceramic sharpening sticks that form a "V" when placed in their base. The knife is sharpened with a natural cutting motion so little skill is required.

The reason I chose to tell you about these two products is the "no skill required" part. Knife sharpening doesn't come easy, especially if you have no one to show you the proper method. If you buy a plain sharpening stone, the name of the game is to hold a consistant angle on both sides of the blade. If the angle is steep, you get a very sharp knife with a thin edge that will dull quickly with heavy use. If the angle is shallow the edge will last but won't be as sharp. Different knives want different edges. More accuratly, different knife applications want different edges. A filet knife will need a very steep angle, a heavy camp chore knife will need a shallower angle.

Keep your...

-- eyes_open (, August 09, 1999.

Walmart sells "Smith's precision sharpening kit" for about $20 (cheaper than the Lansky I think). The stones may or may not be the same quality but it works the same way.

-- biker (, August 10, 1999.

lou, It sounds like your stone is fouled with metal debris clogging the pores. I've had that problem in the past and have found a good scrubbing with soap and a kitchen cleaner like Comet or Bon Ami will clean the pores out and renew the cutting ability of the stone. Most stones use water or oil to "float" the metal fragments off the stone and keep the cutting surfaces on the stone active.

-- nine (, August 10, 1999.

Sharpening stones can also get clogged up, in addition to metal fragments, with fine broken-down grit from the stone itself, and with the oil you use (sometimes somewhat oxidised, so thicker and more grease-like). I've always cleaned them with kerosene and a toothbrush, then washed that off with petrol (gasoline).

-- Don Armstrong (, August 11, 1999.

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