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Hello, this is intended as an area where people can share their experiences about domestic violence, especially groups of people who haven't been traditionally heard from, such as straight men, gay men, and lesbian women. Feel free to post your experience here.

Please don't be confused by the Questions and Answers title of these pages. It is simply a forum system.

My recommendation is that you write your story somewhere else and copy/paste it in when you post.

You also may want to look at the community section of the SAFE Webpage, which is a good place to ask questions and look for information.

-- Anonymous, August 08, 1999


Response to Introduction

I want to some facts about domestic violence

-- Anonymous, November 09, 1999

Response to Introduction

If you're interested in more info on domestic violence, visit the SAFE website, located at

-- Anonymous, November 09, 1999


June 28, 2001

I was involved for a very short time in Falls Church Virginia,with someone who was abusive which I did not come to discover until after moving in with him, along with the fact that he was under psychiatric care. After 3 weeks, I left one evening after he bacame violent and went to a friendís home, with only the clothes I had on and no shoes. This person then informed me I could not come back unless I came COMPLETELY ALONE to move my belongings. I did not feel comfortable with this. He changed all locks on the house, and refused phone calls, e-mails etc. He then claimed that I was a renter, and started to claim that I owed rent. I must tell you, that upon moving in, I paid quite a few back bills for this person. I was refused admittance. I left all of my belongings, clothes, and furniture etc there. This person then went to court, and Posted a notice on his own front door saying I was delinquent, and that everything would be removed pending payment. Everything that I was left by my parents and grandparents is there. All of my mementos, papers, = clothing, jewelry, furniture etc. After compiling an inventory listing it amounted to 100,000.00 the work of my lifetime. This was in Sept. I called abuse hotlines, went to legal aid of northern Virginia, every resource that I could think of. An attorney at Legal aid was very helpful, and tried to assist me, but could not take on this case for me, due to the nature of it. The gentleman in question had a friend who was an attorney that accepted my offer of taking what he thought I owed him so that I could recover something, and releasing the balance to me, but he the proceeded to hang up on her. She could only legally tell me that I should just move on with my life, and forget the whole incident. I have since moved to Kentucky in Feb, as my only remaining relative lives here, and I had nothing. I have tried every avenue I can think of. This is of course a condensed version. Please help me. I am an honest person, and it has broken my heart that I lost parents are gone, my grandparents are gone. My grandmother died during this period, and I called him and left a message to this effect, asking if he would at least let me have one item that was hers.....Some Christmas ornaments, her christening gown something.... he just e-mailed me telling me I abandoned everything, and that I owe him money. This comes down to more than is my memories. Thank you for you time,

Barry Stampler

-- Anonymous, June 28, 2001

-- Anonymous, March 02, 2002

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