Y2K NEWSWIRE ASKING FOR YOUR HELP: Because 1), The Public Is Not Being Told The Truth About Y2K, and 2) The Mainstream Press Is Doing Almost Nothing To Verify The Y2K-Compliance Claims Of Government And Business

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First off, let me say that I do NOT work for, or have any vested interest in Y2K NEWSWIRE. I receive email updates from them and when I saw this, I thought it was a great idea.


Story at We're Watching


The public is not being told the truth about Y2K. Problems are minimized or covered-up and "progress" is over-stated, redefined and described in pre-approved terms.

That, we think, is the essence of what Y2K Newswire has been attempting to prove.

Now, we can cover this story in a hundred different ways, and we can add to the mountain of evidence. But this will have little effect on those who choose to ignore the current mountain of evidence right in front of them.

Rather, our focus must now shift to a more important responsibility:

It is time to let the mainstream know that we are watching.

We -- you, the 60,000 readers, and Y2K Newswire staff -- must now keep our eyes open and watch for computer failures. As we see them, we must bring this news to the other Y2K Newswire readers stationed all around the world. We must become the New Press that isn't afraid to report the truth about Y2K-related computer failures.

This New Press is entirely voluntary. Nobody gets paid. There are no ads and no fees. Each person joins the New Press out of nothing more than a sense of responsibility for telling the truth and doing something great. And together, we can assemble the world's largest repository of computer failure reports, taken "from the streets" in every major city around the world.

It is time to let the mainstream institutions know that we are watching. We will no longer be told what to see and what to think. We will use 60,000 pairs of eyes and ears to discover the truth about Y2K and bring it to the people.

After all, we can debate endlessly about what might happen. But why not get to the core? Let's report what's happening right now. We'll call it, "The Citizens Report."


The Citizens' Report brings you daily updates on computer failures happening all around the globe. It covers everything from banks and ATMs to airports, checkout computers, billing systems, payroll systems, security systems, and so on.

From the failed ATM machines in the Pacific Northwest to the lost arrest warrants in the Midwest, Y2K-related failures are happening right now, all around us. And while they are not yet at a critical mass where they would seriously disrupt our lives, they are, without question, increasing in number and severity. The Citizens' Report will track -- and report on -- these failures.


This project is critical to spreading the word about Y2K and encouraging common-sense preparedness among the people of the world. Why? Because most of these computer failures will never be reported in the mainstream press.

But Y2K Newswire has 60,000 subscribers. That makes 60,000 investigative reporters who can share descriptions of what they're seeing at the local level, from every major city in the world.

Your reports of computer glitches will become a permanent part of a freely-available database on the Millennium Bug.

Furthermore, as we roll into 1/1/2000, this report will serve as a minute-by-minute disruption reporting vehicle, bringing you information about the most serious computer disruptions taking place around the planet.

Most importantly, your participation will let the mainstream institutions know that we are watching, even if they aren't. We will not settle for pre-approved phrases, bogus press releases, falsified claims of compliance and dangerous advice.


It's easy: you enter a brief report of any computer glitch you personally experienced. We then edit the report for clarity (and also to filter out obviously-bogus entries) and display the results on Y2K Newswire. The report is updated several times a day.


Our small team will be making phone calls to verify the disruptions. Unfortunately, we simply don't have the staff to verify every entry. Any disruptions that cannot be verified will clearly be marked as "unverified."


Your help is critical to the success of this on-line database. Simply watch for computer failures to occur. When you see a failure or disruption, report it to the Citizens Report.


You can click HERE to go right to the database entry screen. Results will be displayed on theMain Y2K Newswire Web Page beginning tomorrow (began 8/6).

There are already many reports posted of y2k failures sent in by citzen's across the country. Click HERE to read "The Y2K Citizen's Report".

Here are just a few examples of what people from across the country have sent in:


8/8/99 Lower Makefield PA
Spoke with Beckey at the municipal building. Hundreds of STOP signs have been ordered to replace traffic lights in the event they stop working. ALso, the police departmant are receiving special training (unspecified) for Y2K problems. Both upper and lower Makefield local governments are talking of establishing shelters. (Reported by Citizen Tom O'Kee.) Unconfirmed.

8/7/99 Suffolk County Long Island, NY
One morning in June I was placing a few telephone calls before I ran out to do errands. I noticed everyones telephone whom I was trying to reach was busy. I went out and stopped at a pet store first. I forgot to go to my bank and wanted to use my debit card at the store. I was told that I couldn't because the modem/telephone lines were down, that whenever they make a phone call or used the modem the line they were calling would be busy. The radio had no announcement about it. You couldn't even try to call the operator to ask what the problem was. It turned out that some bonehead telephone technician "accidently" sawed through the main fiber optic cable while trying to upgrade. This ONE MISTAKE left almost the entire county of Suffolk on Long Island without telephone service for approximately 12 hours. One little slice of a fiber optic cable. Later on the evening news it was reported that "telephone service was disrupted for a few customers". Is half of Suffolk County a few customers? I was so pissed off at their spin I immediately called the News 12 news room to ask them what they meant by a few customers and told him of my experience in different parts of Suffolk County and asked him if five different towns in one county counted as a "few people". He laughed me off. My friends think I'm whacky for being prepared; I tell them laugh at me now, but don't come knocking on my door the month of January. (Reported by Citizen Corryn Thorgersen.) Unconfirmed.


Hot tip for the day guys!You are NOT the first Y2K watch dog group to list Y2K failers on the web,and make them available to the public.Michael Hyatt has been doing it for quite some time,as well as other organizations.

-- flb (fben4077@yahoo.com), August 08, 1999


As I tried to click on the link to Y2K newswire, thier was no response from their server. I would like to report this as a Y2K failure. (Reported by Citizen Butt Nugget) Unconfirmed

-- Butt Nugget (nubuttet@better.mousetrap), August 08, 1999.

Here is one of their disclaimers "DISCLAIMER: This is a public bulletin board presented for the benefit of the general public and the media. Although Y2K Newswire will not knowingly post false information, Y2K Newswire does not have the manpower to verify all the information posted here. The user of such information assumes all risks. The information is provided here AS IS, with no guarantee of accuracy. However, given that the mainstream media makes little effort to verify most of what they publish, the information provided here is probably of greater accuracy: it is first-hand, from the people on the streets, not filtered through mega-corporate interests. "

Yep, it is of greater accuracy. Yep, if Mike Adams says so, it must be.

-- Butt Nugget (nubuttet@better.mousetrap), August 08, 1999.

"After all, we can debate endlessly about what might happen. But why not get to the core?"

Many of us have been saying this for the past 5 months. You know....WE DOOMERS. Unfortunately, the 'essay club' continues to pontificate while the failures mount around them. What a bunch of boobs. When this level of wasted time is brought to your attention, we begin hearing from the essay club that they are being bullied as they proceed to point fingers and whine about naughty words and inferior intellect. Bad form and all that rot, righto chaps?

Wouldn't want anyone to take us too seriously, now would we? Curb the emotion and keep that passion in check. And by all means, avoid appealing to the common folk, this is a thinking man's problem, after all. Humor must be kept at a minimum. We're serious about our craft, and are extremely sensitive to any opposition which does not meet our criteria for what we deem as worthy critique. Fluffy phoo phoo only, please.

;) Keep it up thesis fairies....I've last minute preps to complete. Poor London, eh? I'll be keeping my eye on this place and contributing occasionally, with humor and passion, here and there.........To those of you who call a duck a duck, I love you dearly and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Don't count me out, just more absent than before. One for all and all for one .......something wicked this way comes.

-- Will continue (farming@home.com), August 08, 1999.

The people have spoken,and they want to go back to sleep.After a year of prostletizing the only thing I've convinced the dgi's of is that I'm the one to visit/loot if problems really do happen.Now I'm committed to zoobiette' safety and survival.If TSHTF,to me it looks like species die back,it's natural,and only really terrible from an experiential point of view.I don't know of any one who beats their breast about the deaths that occured during the black death,and history will probably be as cold and indifferent towards our imminent suffering.It won't make it any better for us,though.Get ready to ride the whirlwind.Look to protecting the one's you love.The others will just eat the food out of your childrens' mouths.Survival is going to demand a certian amount of hardening of hearts.If you try to feed the starving masses,you will become the starving masses.The strong must continue,the weak will perish for the good of the whole.I can't imagine what kind of world we'll live in 2 years from now.

-- zoobie the grim (zoobiezoob@yahoo.com), August 08, 1999.

Jade Mountain hasn't sent my solar cookers yet. Why? They have a new computer system in place. Y2K compliant? EXactly!!!

-- Mara Wayne (MaraWAyne@aol.com), August 08, 1999.

Zoobie the Grim: I like the way you think, because you have to harden your heart. No doubt there will be people knocking at your door with their munchkins in tow asking for some food, water and supplies. You are better off not answering the door because (1) you don't know what their intentions are, (2) they could be carrying a disease that would jeopardize your life, and (3) you don't know how many people they will go and tell. It really is not hardening your heart, it's just basic common sense, and if you are in the survival mode yourself it's your responsibility to take care of yourself and family. That's just the way it has to be.

-- bardou (bardou@baloney.com), August 08, 1999.

Hi, bardou. I'm glad you're still posting.

Last night my neighbor mentioned how wrong it was for people to hype survival foods and other preparations. She believes Y2K will be "a three day ice storm" because that's what a man said on television, and she agrees with him, so that's that.

Facts? What facts to support that assertion?

So I know she's not ready. I have another neighbor who is still on his honeymoon in Hawaii. He will be moving when he returns, and I don't think he has told any other neighbors.

However, this doesn't matter since he has blabbed what little he knows about my preparations to people at the factory where I work. THOSE people are the ones that really concern me. Lots of rednecks with guns and bad attitudes. And that's NOW with overtime and a booming economy!

Gary North mentioned selling or bartering food and other provisions rather than giving them away. Engaging in free dispensing guarantees word of mouth will spread like wildfire, and many people will visit to take advantage of generosity.

If I gave everything away, then I would starve. They don't care if I die.

-- Randolph (dinosaur@williams-net.com), August 08, 1999.

Is a Butt Nugget the same thing as a Dingle Berry?

-- (@ .), August 08, 1999.

The nugget is the harvested part which no longer dingles.

-- Randolph (dinosaur@williams-net.com), August 08, 1999.

Good question, sorry I don't have an answer. Its good to see someone out here who has a sense of humor though.

-- Butt Nugget (nubuttet@better.mousetrap), August 08, 1999.

I think that the butt nugget refers to the part of the chicken they use for making those nuggets they sell in the fast food restaurants.

-- Alexi (Alexi@not-in-the-dark.com), August 08, 1999.

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