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More and more I've been seeing Y2K/Millennium paraphernalia (t-shirts, calendars, etc.) in stores. I know there've been many books on the subject but as far as all the other "stuff", it seems to be coming out all over the place now. Today I saw some Y2K t-shirts at Walmart saying "Y2K - Are You Ready?", "The Last T-Shirt 12-31-99", and glow in the dark "New Millennium" ones just in case the power goes out. I even saw one in a Christian music catalog saying, "Is Your Heart Y2K Compliant? - He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. PSALM 112:7". Do you think by wearing these it will spread more awareness about the subject?

-- Julie (, August 07, 1999


Julie, I'm not wasting my money on Y2K paraphernalia.

Stock up on food, water, heat and shelter necessities.

Let the fools waste their money on Y2K junk.

You know better.

-- Randolph (, August 07, 1999.

I have stockpiled a numerous amount of shirts to sell after the New Year. I've got several different slogans for the shirts.

"I survived TEOTWAWKI and all I got was this lousy t-shirt." "Want to buy a generator?" "TEOTWAWKI is coming because *Insert next North crisis here."

-- MrWayCool (, August 07, 1999.


Your in the wrong forum. Down the hall on the left. Debunkers.....!

-- kevin (, August 07, 1999.

And Julie dear.....Don't turn the light on. They prefer to be in the dark...............pun intended

-- kevin (, August 07, 1999.

I just got back from dinner. I sat at the bar at a pretty popular local place. I noticed a countdown clock on the wall, with the caption "Y2K is coming, are you ready?". I looked at it a little closer on the way out, and didn't see any sponsor, you know, like Heineken & co. do at bars. The manager at this place is an old friend of mine, and I was going to ask him if he was a GI, but he wasn't working tonignt.

In my opinion, anything that helps spread awareness is OK in my book. Where do I get a t-shirt? <:)=

-- Sysman (, August 07, 1999.

Sys -

I was flipping through some trade mags a while back and saw an advertisement where you could make your own shirts with software and special laser/inkjet printer paper.

Once it's printed, you iron it on to a shirt of your liking. Darn. I wish I could find the issue or remember the company offering this product.

-- Tim (, August 07, 1999.

If you're serious about obtaining T-shirts, other shirts, pants, socks, underwear and other clothing, I suggest you stock up NOW.

The JIT supply lines are VERY thin, and you don't want to be caught short when the JIT distribution system chokes.

-- Randolph (, August 07, 1999.

Tim -

I've actually used the t-shirt transfer/ink-jet method, very cool and actually not too expensive an option if you don't want to do a large silk-screen run. You save on set-up charges and screen charges by only investing in the shirts and the transfers. I think the current price for transfer "paper" is around $14 for 20 sheets which works out to like .70" per shirt (plus the cost of the shirt). Stick to white shirts though as, unlike silkscreening, you can't lay down white ink first. There is no white ink : )

Anyway...I'm working on a few designs/slogans to pass around.



-- Michael Taylor (, August 07, 1999.

Oh yeah Tim,

There are a whole lot of vendors offering these transfers including HP. I'm sure you can pick them up at places like CompUSA and Frys or anywhere else that sells ink jet products.



-- Michael Taylor (, August 08, 1999.

Thanks, Michael. I'm tempted to try it meself...once I manage to set aside some TIME! :-)

-- Tim (, August 08, 1999.

I purchased a hand blown water pipe at a Y2K compliant tobacco shop the other day, and stamped on the pipe are the words "Y2K compliant." I feel so much better now that I can smoke whatever I want in my Y2K compliant pipe. If any of you are concerned that your smoking pipes aren't Y2K compliant, visit your local head shop and they will test your pipes for compliancy.

-- compliantone (, August 08, 1999.


Is that the Y2K compliant TOASTER that we've been hearing so much about? Damn, where's that link... <:)=

-- Sysman (, August 08, 1999.

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