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I asked a question right when I got this computer (7-10-99) , but I've tried many settings and demo programs and still I can't make a VCD. I have Gateway 550Mhz Pentium 3 with a CD-Writer & a Dazzle DVC. I bought EZ-CD Deluxe when I got my computer to make VCDs. In the last month, I have tried a Demo of NTI-CD Maker, Xing MPEG Encoder, and they don't work. At this point I feel that I have two options left, Buy the program iFilm Edit ( which says you can export as Video CD) or buy the program WinOnCD, which I heard works, does anyone know where I could get a demo of WinOnCD (I read a commet that said they bought a copy at Gateway Spotshop, so I know where to buy it!) Thanks very much for any help!

-- Charlie Link (, August 07, 1999


What do you mean by "NTI CD-Maker and Xing Encoder don't work"? I use Xing regularly and can attest that it works fine. Have also used NTI's product with no problems as well.

I typically use Dazzle DVC, Xing when necessary, and Easy CD Creator Deluxe. Works great.

I have WinOnCD but found that it is reallllyyyy slow for some reason.


-- Kevin (, August 08, 1999.

I got EZ-Creator to use the VCD Dazzle format when I installed the Xing Encoder & Player, Now I have a new problem: EZ-CD Creator says I need a "default" MPEG Player, yet I have the Xing Player (1999-08-10) Thanks for the help

-- Charlie Link (, August 10, 1999.

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