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Hey All! After reading all the other notes fans have posted on this site, I believe that I must be the only one who HAS NOT seen Casey Affleck in any other movies than "Race the Sun." HOW bad is THAT? Furthermore, it took me THIS long to find out that Casey is Ben's younger bro. Geez!

I actually was an extra in RTS (back in 95) and I was chatting to Steve Zahn who asked me to take a photo for him (Casey was hanging out with him) in between takes on the last day of shooting in Sydney (The end of the race.) I hadn't yet seen "Reality Bites" and so I was pretty psyched to find out later just who I was talking to that day and even MORE psyched NOW to find out who THAT cutie was with Steve *grin*

Well, it seems like I have quite a bit of catching up to do. I honestly have NOT seen any of Casey's movies and so I can't really comment on his acting but what I can say is that he's a pretty cool guy :)

**To Casey: Any plans to come back to Oz anytime soon? I actually have a photo of you and Steve and of Dion.... SoMeWhErE! I remember Dion brought his own camera on set... He took some photos and I remember being in one of them -lol- I wonder if he still has them? (I WANT a copy!) What's Dion up to these days??? To be honest with you, I found the whole experience of being an 'extra' shitty. I didn't like it at ALL! Take after take after take after take.... HOW DO YOU DO IT??? UGH! And you know what? I didn't even get paid!!! Never again that's for sure.

Hoped you enjoyed your AUSSIE TRIP! Take Care and Best of luck to you Casey!!! (Wish we had chatted more...Oh well!) See ya! ~Isabella~

-- Isabella (, August 07, 1999


Gee thanks! At least one of us has a sense of humour. You obviously don't. Douche? How classy.

-- Isabella (, August 12, 1999.

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