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1.Most of the time, when i print an image with shadow, it appears to be rusty effect on the shadow area, anyone can help? using postershop server 4.0 & hp3000cp.

2. Currently i am using postershop 4.0 & having Macconect Ver 2.1, anyone can tell me how can i get a latest version of Macconnect?

-- Terence (, August 07, 1999


Onyx has upgraded to winconnect, call them, I have not installed it yet, been too busy

-- chris mensing (, October 05, 1999.

It sounds as if your problem may be bronzing. It is a problem that occurs when some media and ink combinations do not work well together. If you print a gray wedge and see the color of the image change from neutral to brown as the density increases it would appear that the media is bronzing. Switching to a new media may fix the problem. It does not sound to me like a software problem.

Cheers, Don Sla

-- Don Slabicki (, December 05, 1999.

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