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i was so moved to this level of desperation by the Fairfax County post. has anyone ever raised the idea of doing something at the grassroots level to get some attention to the fact that the public is being duped into complacency and they need to prepare. i don't mean the y2k groups (god bless them for their efforts) but i mean a combined effort of all the grass roots groups (y2k groups, bulletin boards, churches, anyone who cares, etc) to on a single, pre-selected day do something nationwide to try to get some attention on this issue and warn people to prepare.

(maybe a massive letter/email/fax campaign to all our state, local, and federal leaders for our locales, bumper stickers, protest, something!!!--honestly i know letters work--we just watched the FDIC know your customer rule get killed for only 250,000 letters and that was considered unprecedented!)

would you guys mind tossing about some ideas. i am honestly doing my part to convert folks (i even set up a little y2k fearmonger site in my office) but i think there needs to be something more than one on one--time is late and unless we rise up (such as our black brothers and sisters did for civil rights) we are going to watch our neighbors suffer.

go ahead--let me have it......cringe cringe

-- T. (, August 06, 1999



No ones will let you have it. It is a benevolent thought.

unfortunately-You will get two reactions from people: 1. Sure, what can we do

2. No way--it is toooo late

"A house divided will not stand"

-- David Butts (, August 06, 1999.

I have assigned my graphics classes the task of designing an attractive consumer magazine format piece out of Robert Waldrop's Preparedness Nuggets. The students are variously surprised at the suggestions, or are starting to buy water. I don't know any way to get people going. I love the idea of one "special" day; wasn't 4th of July tossed around as a good day awhile back? Anyway I'll be interested in what people have to say on the subject.

Other than this class assignment and my immediate nuclear family, most of my pleas and comments have fallen on deaf ears.

-- mommacares (, August 06, 1999.

---if you're serious, i'll help you. I have email contacts and friends in a few states.

since it's your idea, come up with a date, and a central, simple idea you'd like to get across. I'll help you make it happen.

-- The artist formerly known as superlurker (, August 07, 1999.

Our basic instinct is to save life, its only natural to want to wake up John Q Public. But if you could look at the reasoning of your Government. Everything is factionally reserve, anything used just a few percentage points above the norm, will not work. A few extra phone calls, constant bussy, everyone purchacesing food a few percent above on a weekly basis, empty shelves, $500.00 cash on hand, banks close doors, Fillup the sinks and tubes Dec.31, drain all reservoirs,etc.etc.etc, The list is endless. Consider however how lucky you are. For what ever reason you and I and under 1% of this country has been giving a head start, They will not react till it is onging. By then the Government will be in place to handle they think the chios. Senentors, Congressmen, and Presdent aliked, bunkered. and you I in a safe place, so we think...good luck!

-- Les (, August 07, 1999.

It certainly won't hurt to try and raise awareness, but....I think there are more people aware than you think. Just because they aren't shouting it from the rooftops, doesn't mean they are planning ahead. I have a relative that works at Wal-Mart and she says they can't keep paper goods, camping supplies and lamp oil stocked fast enough.

Also when I've been at Sam's, people are using the big stocking carts to haul out massive loads of merchandise. When I asked two different people at Sav A Lot if they were expecting company, they said no, Y2K. So I think there's a whole group of people that are aware. But it doesn't hurt to catch a few more.

-- gilda (, August 07, 1999.

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