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I could use some help with filters. I am no pro. I need to shoot some major family type events coming up. I won't be able to use flash. In one instance, I am sure that the lighting will be regular light bulbs, which a yellowish cast to everything. In the other instance, there will be flourescent lights, and I don't know if that will give a blue cast or not. Which color filter should I start with for each of these situations to compensate for the off colors I anticipate getting. Thanks.

-- Scott Rubin (, August 06, 1999


If you are going to be shooting indoors with regular lights, you will need to use a blue filter.

For flourescent lights, use a magenta filter.

I'm not 100% on these, but you might be able to find webistes to help you out. Try Cokin, or this site:

Hope that helps!

-- Sabrina Rose (, May 02, 2002.

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