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Fairly long article, but well worth the time. Here are a few snips.



If you think that Y2K has been all but solved, think again. Even the officials spouting the good news don't really believe it. Forget what they are saying. If you want to know what they believe, take a look at what they are doing.

Think about this: if there aren't going to be significant problems, why would the military be anticipating civil unrest and "critical infrastructure failures"? Why would they be engaged in such comprehensive mobilization exercises? Why would the Deputy Secretary of Defense be instructing all military commanders to be prepared for a situation that can only be described as something akin to war?

The bottom line is this: forget what you are hearing in the mainstream media. Forget the happy-face notices you are receiving in the mail from your suppliers and from government officials. If these spin doctors really believed that Y2K has been substantially solved, they would not be doing what they are doing. Specifically, they would not continue to raise budgets, push the deadlines out, make contingency plans, pass legislation to limit Y2K litigation, and prepare for martial law. But they are, and in doing so, they betray their true colors.

Again, forget what they are saying, and watch what they are doing. Like your Momma used to say, "actions speak louder than words." (/snips)

-- flb (, August 06, 1999


Yeah, yeah, yeah. This article was posted before and yakked about ad infinitum. Look, it's hard to constantly take both 'camp' mentalities to task as I sit here on the 8th floor ledge....squarely between both parties, but....enough is enough. If we keep going like this one thing is for sure. We're gonna need a helluva lot of anti-depressants come January. Moreover, who said government types EVER did things which coincided with their public babblings.

The conspiratorial gobblety-goo has got to go.

-- Bad Company (, August 06, 1999.

Bad Co.

It will get progressively worse over the next five months - especially when one or two major events kick in - wait and see...

-- Andy (, August 06, 1999.


It seems like every post I've read from you states that you are "squarely between both parties." I do believe all who even occasionally frequent this forum now know that you consider yourself neither a Polly nor a Doomer.

Kindly please consider dropping this tidbit of information from your future posts. Your doing so will help reduce my current need for "anti-depressants". Now if I could only get the media morons to drop the explanatory paragraph on how we got the Y2K bug in the first place:-)...

-- Nabi Davidson (, August 06, 1999.

Thanks for the pointer, Nabi, and I'll drop the disclaimer. I always feel that if i don't make the comment, someone will mistake me for a 'camper' if I point to the folly of the doomers or polly stance.

Point is, who knows what to believe now.

I'm off for 2 weeks of r n r. With all of the dire predictions for August I've seen here recently, I may be back sooner than that.

Here, have a valium.

-- Bad Company (, August 07, 1999.

Yet another case of "Anyone who makes *any* contingency plans actually expects those contingencies to happen." If you buy fire insurance, you expect your house to burn down. Why else buy it?

The very idea of the Department of Defense making plans for defense! It can only mean they expect to need those plans. And if they are planning for some mutually exclusive contingencies (which may happen), it only goes to prove that they're either stupid, confused or duplicitous. Take your pick.

But this is no more than an extension of the general assumption here that only those who expect big problems are preparing. These aren't contingency plans, these are responses to big problems that have already happened to us, except next year!

-- Flint (, August 07, 1999.

Nabi...I would rather see the reporters drop the line "Airplanes won't fall from the sky"....or maybe just see the reporters drop.

-- Lobo (, August 07, 1999.

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