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This is my backup system and has had little use. I use a Pentax MF system and have purchased an adapter to use a Pentax 35mm body on my 6x7 lenses. I prefer to sell the AE-1 as a complete system rather than piece by piece. This is what I'm selling: AE-1 body, near mint(no scratches, dings, dents)---- extension tube, mint---eyecup---52mm Hoya UV--52mm Hoya Pol---24mm f/2.8 mint---135mm f/2.8 (six element)mint---300mm f/4 mint----50mm macro w/ hood ex+(slight resistance in aperture ring)----lens manual---body manual---macro lens manual---lens caps---leather case, fair condition. Price is negotiable. Steve Email at

-- Steve Rasmussen (, August 06, 1999


I will sell the above equipment by the piece instead of as an outfit. The 300mm is already sold. Steve

-- Steve Rasmussen (, September 18, 1999.

All of the above items have been sold. SR

-- Steve Rasmussen (, March 17, 2000.

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