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This is not really a video CD question, but is related. Now that I am capturing all these clips, and making video CD's, I thought it would be cool to have some play as a screen saver. I have found two that work, but both have some limitations. The two I have found are Video Saver (which is no longer being manufactured), and Movies Screen Saver by Diard software. Does anyone know of any other programs that let you convert mpg clips to screen saver. I know Dazzle has a screen saver built in as well, but I am looking for something "stand-alone". I have also used "Create screen savers quick and easy", but that only plays .avi files which are much larger than .mpg.

Does anyone know of any others I can look at?????


-- Bruce Kuhn (, August 06, 1999


-- Zhi Shen (, March 20, 2001.

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