Is this true? I know many people who are really into sports, and can discuss a favorite team for hours, because they follow them every day.

Is Y2k on this forum like that? Do people posting here watcj it as closely?


-- LURKING (AND@JUST.WONDERING), August 05, 1999


I don't know, but someone needs to tell you that on the Internet, writing in ALL CAPS is considered YELLING!

-- (where@re.your manners?), August 05, 1999.

And as we should all know...Shouting isn't polite


-- Shakey (in_a_bunker@forty.feet), August 05, 1999.

I'm sorry.

-- Lurking (and@just.wondering), August 05, 1999.

No, but I do believe that getting Kenny Rogers and Tim Taylor will push the Mets over the top and enable them to overtake Atlanta. Especially since Atlanta has lost Lopez for the season. Now, true, Ventura won't stay this hot all season but he doesn't have to. The amazing thing is how well they've done with Franco having gone down. When Franco comes back in late-August, they're golden. The other thing you've got to look at is the quality of their defense. Speaking of golden (ie, gold gloves), how about Ordonez? Heck, how about the entire infield? Absolutely amazin .....

I'm sorry. What was your question?

-- BigDog (, August 05, 1999.


-- mchnst (, August 05, 1999.

No. I just check in here every so often. My life doesn't revolve around it. I do continue living my life normally, even though I do take this issue very seriously.

-- Julie (, August 05, 1999.

There was this one season a few years back where everybody hereabouts locally watched every TrailBlazer game.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, August 05, 1999.

The y2k season only has one game. I'ts the eight inning and the fog is so thick you can only see what's happening on your side of the field. And the scoreboard?---bad fuse. What I hate about it is that it's compulsory to attend and we don't know if we get to go home when it's over.

-- Carlos (, August 05, 1999.

We have our own sports in here.

-- Porky (Porky@in.cellblockD), August 05, 1999.

I predict the hockey Gods will never smile on Dallas again. They were handed their first and only cup by the 3(4) blind mice.

-- SgtSchultz (, August 05, 1999.

Yes. But that does not mean we cannot fananticize.

-- A. Hambley (, August 05, 1999.

I predict the hockey Gods will never smile on Dallas again. They were handed their first and only cup by the 3(4) blind mice.

-- SgtSchultz (, August 05, 1999.

They have a few "old timers" but one never knows. Excelent series though. What is with the 3(4) blind mice.

And in answer to the question, not a chance. Vancouver losing to New York was just a heart break, "Gus" Adams hitting the goal post just doesn't count.

And a Canadian watching the international victories and defeats, only soccer could match the international flavor of hockey. Y2K is a blip.

Now Andy Ray if you are lurking, this is an important question :o)

By the way LURKING if your content is in normal text I see no reason why your name shouldn't be anything you want it to be. I have seen alot worse.

-- Brian (, August 05, 1999.

Do people still watch that stuff? [G]

Sorry, I'm a bookworm, an avid history nut, and don't have a TV hooked up in the house.

I'm not sure I've EVER read the entire sports section.

Now, Y2K, on the other hand, involves silly issues like my personal comfort, my internet addiction, my ability to stay up after dark to read (without heating the house up - no air conditioning), the possible requirement to feed myself without major outside help for an indeterminate length of time, the ability to buy new books, and the possibility/probability of very hard work in the hot sun.

Yes, I'm a bit compulsive about the darn issue. It affects my lifestyle in a way sports will never do.

-- Jon Williamson (, August 05, 1999.

Don't mind BigDog, he's one of the team managers...

I can only speak for myself. I'm a programmer, but I get paid for my hobby. I do it all day, and when I get home, I do it all night, well, except when I have something else to do... I've been doing so for 3+ decades, so computers have always been a big part of my life. In some ways, Y2K is really just another computer topic to me. It is a big technology issue.

But, just my opinion, from the "evidence" that I can see, based on my personal experience with digital things, I think Y2K could be serious. So, this adds another level of interest.

But hey, I'm a Jets fan, and I haven't been happy in 3 decades anyway. The Jets sure are looking better these days. Not sure yet that I can say about Y2K.

We have a bunch of programmers that hang out here, 875 man-years worth, the last time I checked, but we also have people from all walks of life on the Yourdon team. <:)=

-- Sysman (, August 05, 1999.

I should make the Y2K is a blip comment more clear. Y2K for the most part could be an acumulitive failure and not an intense impact failure, this is of course depending on location and local failures.

That aspect will be more like gambling than sports. Your team loses and you personally have lost nothing. Gambling and you could lose your shirt. Or comfort zone.


I rarely watch TV. Hockey is like a Canadian religion. It is a glue for our country, oh and the cold also. Unfortunately the sport is changing.

-- Brian (, August 06, 1999.

The Game of the Immaculate Perception

Hey again folks! Were back. This is the last play of the last game of the twentieth century in regular time, after this well be playing in Sudden Death. These two teams, The Washington Pollys and the Oakland Doomers have battled all season long, splitting two previously hard fought contests. Its the last contest of the year for these two teams, the winner goes on  and the loser. . .well lets just say they go into the toilet bowl.

And now were down to this, fourth down, the score is tied 9-9 and the clock reads 00:01. The Pollysve taken the ball from their own 15 yard line down to the Doomers 4, but theyve just been assessed a five yard penalty for illegal offense, putting them back to the 9. Theyve brought in a defensive player to carry the ball - its  Big Iron. So here we go, New Yorks in a shotgun formation, Raiders coming out in a Gold Eagle defense  the ball is snapped and FUUUUMMMMMBBBBBLLLEEEE!!!!! And its recovered by zzzzztttttttttt #%~!*#%%``#@

And you thought the Heidi cutoff was bad . . .

-- jjbeck (, August 06, 1999.

(1) I could care less about football/baseball/basketball. Ice hockey and volleyball, on the other hand...

(2) Y2K has much more possible impact on my life than if my favorite team (Rainbow Wahine volleyball!) wins the national championships.

-- Mad Monk (, August 06, 1999.


Here, right now, the town is taking a GIGANTIC BREATH, getting ready to go ABSOLUTELY BONKERS. Seems there's a little football game Monday night and then one a couple weeks later on Saturday. The KKK is even here for Saturday.

If this town isn't COMPLETELY BROWN AND ORANGE by two weeks from today I will be REALLY SURPRISED!!

NONE of you have seen sports fans until you watch BROWNS FANS!!!!!


(WEll, perhaps you red wings fans are the exception)

-- Chuck, a night driver (, August 06, 1999.

The Mets lost my allegiance the day they traded Tom Terrific to the Reds - June 15, 1977 - the SOBs!

Wil the Philadelphia Flyers win the Stanley Cup with Eric Lindros on the roster? I say "on the roster" as opposed to "on the ice" for obvious reasons.

Remember LURKING (jeez, how many have used THAT sig?) Fan is short for Fanatic!

-- Bingo1 (, August 06, 1999.

This is kinda like being a passenger on the Titantic. What was that crunching sound? Why are all of the ice chips on the deck? Is the ship in trouble? The band is still playing, does the Captain know? Some members of the crew are rearranging the deck chairs. If the ship is in trouble, what good will that do? There are reports of water down below. Is anyone trying to fix the leak? Why is the captain saying everything is O K? Why don't they at least have some lifeboat drills? The ship appears to be tilting? Why isn" someone doing something? Oh sh_t the ship is sinking. Can we survive this disaster? Why was the Captain running at full speed with all of the dangerous icebergs out there? Couldn't he see the risk? Where are the rescue ships? I can see ships in the distance. Why don't they come rescue us? Will we survive through the night?

-- Moe (Moe@3stooges.gom), August 06, 1999.

This brings up a few interesting points... How are the multi-millionaire .220 hitters preparing? Are they stockpiling more than a three day supply of Ferraris? And what will they do if their salaries are reduced to just a mere million dollars per year? Are there y2k clauses in their contracts? How can they be expected to survive? Will they barter their cocaine for caviar? Should special counseling centers be established for them? Just think of the emotional trauma they may face...

And aren't baseballs made in the Hondurus or somewhere like that? Where are footballs made? Will the Super Bowl be held?

-- PNG (Peter Gauthier) (, August 06, 1999.

OK- it sounds as if we've absolutely got to get enough infrastructure back up and running to hold the Stanley Cup...or else it will be TEOTWAWKI.

As an aside, why are so many of us ice hockey fans? (My excuse is that I played minor league for a season back in the early 60's...)

-- Mad Monk (, August 06, 1999.

Since moving away from the Philly area my interest in sports has gone down, down, down....couldn't care less about it now. Too much fun stuff to do in Fl, who wants to sit inside watching over-paid whiners throw balls around on TV?

So I guess your answer is NO.

-- Uncle Deedah (, August 06, 1999.

Sheesh, Mad Monk, you want HOCKEY! I played goalie as a kid; my oldest also played goalie for many years; second-oldest was a hard-hitting defenseman. Fourth child is a fleet little center whose team (coached by his older brother) only lost one game last year. I have suffered with the Rangers for decades, rewarded momentarily by that special Stanley Cup season and frustrated ever since by the way management uses a checkbook instead of their brain. Frustrated also by cheap seats that cost tens of dollars. But still a fan. Go figure.

Now, let's talk golf ....

(btw, we turn our TV off DURING summers, better for the children and all, and wouldn't mind seeing all professional sports take a Y2K nose-dive into the drink)

-- BigDog (, August 06, 1999.

Did some one say mud wrestling.

-- rambo (, August 06, 1999.

I'll admit to being hooked on this board because it's all so entertaining. What's wrong with that?

The net is full of yadda yadda about things that don't matter. Y2k does matter. Some of the yadda yadda is actually important. Should I NOT be reading it...?

-- re-arranging (those@deck.chairs), August 06, 1999.


Glad to see the Browns back too. Something was definitely missing without them.

Better watch them Jags though! Had a good offseason - signed Carnell Lake - need him badly as we still haven't signed our #1 draft pick yet - Fernando Bryant out of Alabama. I hate holdouts!!

Have followed Couch for a few years in SEC - he's friggin' awesome at times!! Yall will do fine with him (I think).

Unc D - I agree. They make WAY too much $$ now and a lot of'em still whine like babies!

Rollerball anyone??


-- Deano (, August 06, 1999.

The answer to the original question is yes. The difference is that the stakes are high, we're all in the game, we have no idea how ominous our oponent may be, and we have no idea how to prepare for a game in which the four quarters could be almost any length. There could be some hall of famers (and shamers) when it's all over.

-- Dave (, August 06, 1999.

SGT.Schulz, quit whining over the goal. Even the "Great One" said it should have counted. Or are you telling me that Buffallo would have won that game AND game 7...???? Jeez.. Dallas was clearly the better team. GO STARS

Now, if Bayern Muenchen wouldn't have so many injuries right now I would say we could go for the Champions League title once again...

How about them Tampa Bay Buccaneers. AWESOME defense.... Now if we can get the offense into better shape by actually KEEPING our receivers healthy that would help as well. Crybabies... I am personally looking forward to winning a superbowl this year. But then again... Buccaneers winning a super bowl... That would truly be the end of the world as we know it for some people...

Ahhh I don't care...

Hey, Hey, Tampa Bay.... the Bucs are gonna shine....

-- STFrancis (, August 06, 1999.

"I know many people who are really into sports, and can discuss a favorite team for hours, because they follow them every day. Is Y2k on this forum like that? Do people posting here watcj it as closely? "


You miss the point. You are comparing entertainment with a life altering moment. If you are serious about a Sport Team, Great, But aren't you as serious about how warm your family will be in the Dead of winter? Or where they will get water?

I think you are clueless. JUST PREPARE. Then when it's all over you can still talk about the great old days when there were M Jordan's, L Taylors and "real heros."


-- Thomas G. Hale (, August 06, 1999.

Sports, the great god of the American people. Borrrrrring. Y2K, scary, certainly not boring, maybe a catastrophe, maybe just an aggravation. Not knowing is the bad part.

-- gilda (, August 06, 1999.

The last Sunday of the football season is January 2.

Chuck's Browns have that as their "bye" week: lucky for them. Deano's Jags are home in toasty-warm J'ville to the Bengals: lucky for both teams. St. Francis' Bucs are at Chicago: brrrrrrr. My Chargers are at Mile High Stadium in Denver: double-brrrrr.

Here's hoping we'll all be able to watch those games, friends.

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), August 06, 1999.

gilda -

It's not just Americans; you should spend some time around Brit or Mexican soccer fans. Sports (or "sport" to the folks in Merrie Olde) is a passion in every country; only the name of the game changes.

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), August 06, 1999.

"Y2K for the most part could be an acumulitive failure and not an intense impact failure"

hmmmm so does this mean being a Cubs fan has actually been part of my preps?

-- Deborah (, August 06, 1999.

Actually, I think I follow this forum more like I follow the weather reports when a very large hurricane is in the gulf. Not sure if it will hit Texas or not, but I'm not about to quit watching!

(PS- I DO love those Astros, though!) :-)

-- Gayla (, August 07, 1999.

I'm addicted to Y2K. It's a fascinating social phenominon (sp?). When else in our lifetimes have we had the chance to se some real life drama unfold before our eyes.

As far as sports, I follow it with some enthuiasm, particularly around playoff times. The thing that draws me in about sports, Y2K, and shows on TLC, TDC, etc. is that they're real. Not like most TeeVee - especially "sop oprahs" and sitcoms and dumb stuff like that. Sports are real - people are competing and it's live and nobody knows what's going to happen - much like Y2K. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in Y2K that I lose focus of the stakes at hand. That gets me back into a prep mode.

One last thought: I'd love to see North/Milne vs. Poole/Kosky in a mud wrestling match!!

-- Jim (x@x.x), August 07, 1999.

Sumo Hamasaki vs. double ducker

-- Yeehaw! (get@out.popcorn), August 07, 1999.

Ken the cockroach vs. Mad BigDog

-- no muzzle (fur@fly.high), August 07, 1999.

Are we talking WWF type wrestling or something more cerebral such MTV's "CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH?"

As for who would announce the "play-by-play"? Dick Vitale, Howard Cosell, John Madden?

-- Tim (, August 07, 1999.

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