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3 posts down national guard spoke about evacuations for your safety

"If you want to stay, show your provisions are safe...."


(be properly prepared for this)

-- Living in (the@real.world), August 05, 1999


correction, 10 posts down, more on FEMA and Red Cross shelter plans

-- Living in (the@real.world), August 05, 1999.

Why have you started this thread?

Do you have a take? No?

Paging Mr. Driver...

-- Bingo1 (howe9@pop.shentel.net), August 05, 1999.

Because the concept of having to bring strangers in to show all of the stored items and materials to show that is is safe and that there is the appropriate and required nutrition and safe storage and preperation methods. All the fuels are stored in a safe fashion and the carbon monocide and smoke detection and fire extinguishers are properly charged.


may be something that merits a slant on plans.

Maybe that is incorrect, perhaps all that are making ready have it all aced.

-- Living in (the@real.world), August 05, 1999.

There would seem to be many that would like to avoid this and so many door to door inspection teams used to the resistance and prepared .... It is a challenge to factor in the possibilities even if in a rural retreat. (Any well meaning officials will include the rural homes in the door to door notices of the safety evacuation plans)

-- Living in (the@real.world), August 05, 1999.

They have to come into your house because you are stupid and incapable of knowing how to care for yourself and what is best for yourself. It is the government's job to protect you from yourself. Don't commit suicide either, you'll be charged with a misdemeanor.......

-- dangeroustomyself (dangeroustomyself@dangeroustomyself.com), August 05, 1999.

Actually, I think that suicide is a felony.

Seriously though, this is the other side of the care-taker state's coin. Do lots of "good" for their citizens, but then treat them in an authoritarian manner at any time.

So what's the surprise? They come here, I tell them that we're just fine, go away. NOW.


-- Jollyprez (jolly@prez.com), August 05, 1999.

There are two sides to this coin.

If they do "round-up" the unprepared and "shelter" them, then they will not be banging at your door trying to take your preps away from you. It could reduce the hazards of being close to a city in suburbia.

The ultimate welfare program......

-- helium (heliumavid@yahoo.com), August 05, 1999.

Well I thought hoarding was a BIG no-no. They will simply tell you to get on the bus and they take your goods to share with the rest of the refugees. Hell, they may even make you the chief cook and bottle washer, or give you the latrene duty for being such a good provider for the masses. Don't forget to carry a bottle of Clorox bleach and RID in your bugout bag.........

-- dangeroustomyself (dangeroustomyself@dangeroustomyself.com), August 05, 1999.

Just another one of those interesting challenges in the complex game of chess - I mean life -

Fascinating! What are you going to do, what are THEY going to do - how can a person best handle the moves, CHECK! your move.

-- Living in (the@real.world), August 05, 1999.

Yeah, right. You think something on WorldNetDaily is worth worrying about. WND has been milking this "interview" they had with this FEMA guy, yet nobody else at FEMA or any other org is talking like this. Wonder if there isnt something fishy going on.

-- Fat Tony (FatTony@youmammashouse.com), August 05, 1999.

The responses on the original thread make reference to actual events people experienced.

I know the practice that exists during evacuations - we can expect a variety of approaches in each county, town, city - particularly when the authorities may not have done evacuations before .

Power has been out for more than a week due to just ice storms.

-- Living in (the@real.world), August 05, 1999.

...been through floods ('64..) Camille ('69), Fredrick ('78) and a dozen (evacs too) since....they may come to your house. I have seen the reserve trucks do it before, mostly it's the guys from the local guard (that u may know) and their going to the hses w the most problems....might be a good time to meet your -friends- in camo and get to know 'em. Hell they got kids in ur school and shop the same Walmart that u do.....the real question is......-

HOW MANY OF 'EM WILL SHOW UP WHEN CALLED OR JUST SHOW UP MAKE ROLL AND LEAVE...??? That doesn't come up much....most that i know are fine people....some aren't......just like everywhere else....

-- Jim (a_234@hotmail.com), August 05, 1999.

I don't think I would invite them in to show them the preps we had made. It just might be just that sort of mission they are on to inventory the amount of supplies in the area that they could count on using when they needed them, and you having nothing to say about it.

-- Gene on Cape Cod (carvgene@gis.net), August 05, 1999.

Have a LITTLE (under a month's worth) food to show them, if you let them in the door at all. My advice to have most of your prep supplies buried, including some OFF your property (at least a mile away) keeps looking like better and better advice.

my site: www.y2ksafeminnesota.com

-- MinnesotaSmith (y2ksafeminnesota@hotmail.com), August 05, 1999.

Would you also show the door to door salesman your reserve supply of condoms, to prove that you are safe?

-- A. Hambley (a.hambley@usa.net), August 05, 1999.

Only if he wants to practice safe sex...King of Spain, want to mud wrestle? heee,heee,heee!

-- QueenofSpain (QueenofSpain@QueenofSpain.com), August 05, 1999.

"Yeah, right. You think something on WorldNetDaily is worth worrying about. WND has been milking this "interview" they had with this FEMA guy, yet nobody else at FEMA or any other org is talking like this. "


How candid are people from where YOU work? I for one don't publicly announce everything I know (technically, it would be a crime).

-- Anonymous99 (Anonymous99@Anonymous99.xxx), August 06, 1999.

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