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I am the one that posted the DAZZLE question last week. I managed to have NTI CD Maker Pro to recognize the Dazzle mpeg file by reinstalling DAZZLE software. I burn several VCD's on CompUSA cheap CD-R media and also on Memorex CD-RW. My Phillips Magnavox DVD 825 player has dual laser and capable of playing CD-R and CD-RW. The audio CD on blue COMPUSA blank plays fine, but it won't play the VCD (CD-R & CD-RW) eventhough it recognizes the disk as being VCD (goes into VCD mode). I contacted NTI and they say the able to play VCD burned with NTI's. They suggested that I try different medium. I don't think the medium is the problem since my DVD plays the CD-R audio just fine. I have also contacted DAZZLE and they swore that their mpeg file is video CD 2.0 compliant and blame it on NTI CD Maker Pro.

What should I do now ?. Should I shell out $100 for WinonCD ?. Should I put the mpeg file through conversion program to make it 2.0 compliant ?. Where do you buy WinonCD ?.


Kiam Oey

-- Kiam Oey (, August 05, 1999


You can get WinonCD in any big computer software stores easily. I found Fry's Electronics, OfficeMax and Best Buy selling this.

-- Wong (, August 05, 1999.

I just picked up the Dazzle and finally was able to burn my first VCD last night. The problems I was running into had to do with the specifications required for the Video CD format: NTSC resolution: 352x240@29.97 Hz Plus the kicker: The maximum bit rate (MBR) for MPEG files is 1,377,600 bits per second.

I had my Dazzle set to capture at 2.5 Kbps which produced nice videos, but would not reproduce onto Video CD format.

Maybe you should try dropping the bit rate down to 137 and see if that does it. I created a new format in Dazzle called VCD with the above specs and everything worked out great.

Hope that helps! -- Matt

-- Matt Gaffaney (, August 09, 1999.

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