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Elements in CorelDraw!! 8.0 with a heavy keyline print incorrectly. Printed directly or as an EPS the same problem repeats itself.

The problem is evident in both 4.2 and 4.5 The workaround involves recreating files extensivly Converting to curves does not appear to solve the problem.

HELP!! Thanks

-- Anonymous, August 05, 1999


I have witnessed the same problem on PosterShop. This time with files printed from Freehand. The thicker outlines were broken. The effect faded a little by decreasing the flatness values in ppage2.cfg file in the onyx45\psrip folder. But it doesn't disappear. I hope the is a sollution to this.

-- Anonymous, December 22, 1999

Export files from corel as eps and open it in illustrator. just simply re save the file as an illustrator eps and the problem is solve. print from the illustrator eps.

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2000

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