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I work for a show on MTV called Road Rules. In this show we have our 6 cast members participate in jobs or missions that sometimes involve danger.

I am interested in pitching an idea to my producers about having our cast take part in an icewall climbing event.

I would like to talk to someone about this ASAP. I need to know if and where are indoor ice climbing walls in the US, France, Ireland, or in the UK.

Please e-mail me at Rebodru@aol.com or contact my office @ 818/756-5200. Ask for Rebo ( i'm the only one with this name. )

thank you

-- Rebo McFadden (Rebodru@aol.com), August 05, 1999


Well, here's an idea. Instead of showing them hacking away at some cheesy two bit indoor ice (if there even is any!!) why don't you show them getting proper, educated instruction by a professional, learning the ropes, and safety procedures, and having fun with it. Climbing was meant to be done outside, especially that kind. This would give ice climbing the less (excuse the xpression) MTV-ish outlook that has ruined so many other fine sports.This way you can show that, yes, ice climbing IS dangerous, but can be fun if approached cautiously. Portray it in this light, and you won't have kids running out and getting in overtheir heads. I've seen the show, they can certainly foot the bill for a few days with a trained guide in a real outdoor setting, plus that adds to it. Make those kids drive to the Canadian Rockies or wherever to take the class. My opinion would be to start calling guide services around Canmore, and Banff, find out how much 2-3 days of teaching would cost. Show the real thing, and your footage, your boss and the kids on the show, will all probably come out happier!

Good luck. And if you do find an indoor park, let us know where it is.


-- mike (mtea@ptc.com), August 06, 1999.


Mike had a great idea. He is right about not trying to give ice climbing the MTV-ish look. Go for the real thing it would be much better to watch and more fun for the cast. What ever you do end up doing let me know when the show will air so i can see it.


-- Brian (slobri@aol.com), August 06, 1999.

i'm a venture scout and have never heard about indoor ice climbing walls. despite the real thing obviously being alot better then man- made indoor walls please please please let us know of indoor walls as our venture scout budget cannot afford to wisk us all to the alps! it would be a great activity and we can give you our feedback on the event!

-- Katie Davis (madcow_kt@hotmail.com), January 12, 2001.

I am the Marketing Director for Entre Prises USA. We are the world's largest manufacturer of artificial climbing walls. You may have seen our walls at the ESPN X Games. We also built the Ice Climbing Wall for the Winter X Games Competitions.

We now have a new product that simulates ice climbing indoors. It is a special foam plastic and is used to train for ice climbing outdoors. If you are interest in learning more about this product let me know.

Paul Pitini Entre Prises Climbing Walls www.epusa.com

-- Paul Pitini (paulp@epusa.com), January 21, 2001.

hello there i stumbeled on to this e-mail while surfing for ice climbing locations close to the chgo area.are you still active about ice climbing? please let me know...........ron sullvian

-- ron sullivan (irshrover@ameritech.net), March 02, 2003.

www.ice-factory.co.uk - opening winter 2003 - Kinlochleven (near Glencoe) Scottish Highlands. The world's biggest indoor ice wall - real ice, neve, frozen turf, overhangs and simple slopes.

-- jamie smith (jamie-smith@tifk.co.uk), March 09, 2003.

Further to co-conspirator jamie smith's comment, I am pleased to say that we are 15 weeks into a 40 week build period of the Kinlochleven indoor ice climbing wall which will produce an amazing facility boasting a huge facility where anyone from novice to expert can come in and try ice climbing in total safety, top-roped and with full instruction and equipment if required. It will soon be a reality, not a substitute for the real thing outdoors but a good training and safety facility which will hopefully prime generation of previously cautious would-be ice climbers to take to the mountains with confidence.

-- julian morris (julian.morris@southlanarkshire.gov.uk), June 07, 2003.

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