A question that's been on my mind for a very long time.

Who ARE we? What segment of global society do posters to this board represent?

Are most people who post here Americans? Are we middle class? Judging from the "handles" it seems there are roughly an equal number of males and females posting here, but what about the ethnic mix? Education level?

I'm sure there are sites out there that address computer ownership/web usage demographics, etc., but I think many people may be posting here from work. (Don't worry! I won't tell!)

Your impressions/thoughts?


-- FM (, August 04, 1999



I'll bite.

American. Caucasian male, 43. Middle class, high school graduate. Currently managing a temporary employment agency.

-- Jon Williamson (, August 04, 1999.

Good, Jon, but who do you think we are as a group, and on what do you base that opinion if ya have one?


-- FM (, August 04, 1999.

Caucasion,male,31,have wife and 3 kids,3dogs,3 cats(i guess i like the number 3 8>} ) Over a hundred cr. hrs. in computer science/math/psychology Currently in resturant management. Gee, I feel like I'm writing a resume.

-- claude (, August 04, 1999.

Thanks guys. Any opinions on the background of the majority here?


-- FM (, August 04, 1999.

Born in Canada, living in States since 1 year old (carry dual citizenship). 56 year old caucasian male, 2 grown children, 1 grandchild. 10 years in military, masters degree/mechanical engineering. Currently vice-president of medium sized environmental engineering company. Long-time GI with a 5-6 factor. Post to this forum 75% from work, 25% from home. Like many, I am somewhat hooked on the forum. Don't use real e-mail but would be willing to contact anyone who desires to hear from me, one on one.

-- For (, August 04, 1999.


I think most folk on this forum are U.S. folk.

A Canadian

-- Brian (, August 04, 1999.

FM, Since I'm fast scanning before work, I don't have time for the links but we have collected 4 (or is it 5) threads on who each of us is, which might help answer the question. I'm pretty sure Kevin can link it for you.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, August 04, 1999.

WM,40, 20 yrs in IT industry. I'm expecting serious economic problems even if the grid stays up. So if the grid stay up with few outages, still a 2-3 range in Jan, 5-6 range in Feb-Mar, then it could turn into 7+ by April-June due to little or no preparations (Thanks to the positive media spins and those polly's).

-- Larry (, August 04, 1999.

Female, 43, college degree, library worker, from a western state, town of 50,000. Married, Six Children, middle class, mostly a lurker, occasionally post, a bit of a doomer, white, post mostly from home, but once or twice from work if I couldn't wait.

-- Claire (, August 04, 1999.


From what I have surmised through other threads on this topic, and seeing what many have posted in the forum regarding their background, here are my thoughts:

About 60% male 40% female 97% American 97% caucasion the majority would have some college the majority would be middle class

-- RUOK (, August 04, 1999.

WM, 38. BA in Music. 15 years working in marketing and related industries... currently build databases for a market research firm. Married, 2 (young) children. Upper-middle class income.

My impression is about 95% USA, 4% Canada, 1% Other. About a 65 to 35% M to F ratio. Predominantly European-descent Caucasian. Surprisngly diverse religious background mix. And from another thread, it seems there are quite a lot of speculative fiction (SciFi) fans here as well.

-- M.C. Hicks (, August 04, 1999.

55 yo. male, doing 22 yrs. for murder. Likes young boys. Wants to meet Andy Ray for a meaningful relationship.

-- Porky (Porky@in.cellblockD), August 04, 1999.

Me: White male, 36, financial journalist, wife and 3 kids.

Some major categories I see here (some overlapping):

1. IT professionals

2. Homemakers

3. Journalists/writers

4. Though many don't wear it on their sleeves, I think we'd be surprised at how many ex-military are here. I'm not implying anything about militia membership, etc.; just a vibe I get.

-- Thinman (, August 04, 1999.

41 yrs old, European-American (if everyone else gets to have a hyphenated race, I want one too!), married, father of 2, BSEE, computer consultant, ex electrical engineer, upper-middle-class (I guess..)

Hoping for a 2-3, preparing for a 6-8.

-- Dennis (, August 04, 1999.

I'm 56, white, female, M.A. degree, a minister for past 12 years/college professor before that, live in CA, have 5 grown kids, 2 local grandchildren. I've been lurking here since January. Occasional anonymous posts.

My guess? 95% American, middle-class, middle-aged (35-65), white, with diversity appearing primarily in political/religious/sociological orientations. However, posters also appear to be independent-minded, self-directed, systems-aware, maverick thinkers and doers. (Mavericks don't wear anyone's brand - my favorite kind of people!)

-- (gonna.lurk@while.longer), August 04, 1999.

White, female, 36, married no children, accountant by trade, painter by choice, middle / upper-middle class, no military background

-- (, August 04, 1999.

Gonna Lurk:

Great point. I HATE to pay for the right to wear somebody's freakin' advertising!!!

-- Jon Williamson (, August 04, 1999.

Some of us have cats, some misguided souls have dogs instead, and some just have recipes for same.

My impression is that the participants are overwhelmingly white, middle America, married with kids. To the extent that there are other races represented, I have no sense what their unique issues or approaches might be. That is something I would welcome hearing on this forum.

-- Brooks (, August 04, 1999.

English,female,old as my tongue & a little older than my teeth.Have been described as stubborn,obstinate & bloody minded...qualities needed when you're a papermaker.Definition by occupation..middle class BSc too many years ago to count.Two adult children both DGI & a husband passive GI.(he says his saving his strength for next year when he will be doing all things that I can't do like chop wood & stand guard with the dog. )

Impressions? I think some of the things we have in common is an awareness and interest in the world outside our own immediate environment,a cynical attitude towards authority & a determination to retain as much independence as we can.

-- Chris (, August 04, 1999.

FM, if enough people respond, you can analyze the demographics.

I'm male,european descent, age 54, father, grandfather, husband, son, brother; middle class, I suppose, mostly retired building contractor, former hydrologist, former well driller, former glass beveller, river runner/guide, long time experimenter and designer of alternative energy systems. Education level: four years college full time, thirty- one years college part time. Working on my fifth bachelor's degree (gave up on my first four)

I don't know what the make up here on the forum is; don't know how to find out, either, except by doing what you're doing.

-- jumpoffjoe (, August 04, 1999.

u.s. born- white female,43 years old,three daughters.Husband retired military.

-- rosearbor (, August 04, 1999.

Visit also this thread which will link you to similar threads for a broader picture. Hope you have a lot of time on your hands ;-)

What About You?(revisited)

-- Chris (%$^&^, August 04, 1999.


I'm a single, never married (think I've probably been too picky!), white male. U.S. born. 36 years old. Born and grew up lower middle class. Now just "middle class". Been a mainframe COBOL IMS DB/DC programmer analyst for over 10 years on large mission critical systems for very large companies.

Very multi-faceted. Have four year degree in business/marketing; two year degree in data processing. Lived my entire life in the St Louis metro area (mostly in Illinois right across the river). Work as lead tech, have production and Y2K testing responsibilities on a large mission critical system in the financial/banking industry at present.

Anything else?

-- Louis (, August 04, 1999.

Well ok. I am married, white, 27 years old with 2 kids, 2 cats, and 1 dumb little dog. I am about a 7 right now. My husband is ex-military,28 year old, white male. Maybe this helps some.

-- shellie (, August 04, 1999.

Was wondering if anyone else on here is in their 20's too? We get such strange looks trying to talk to people in our family older than we are. We are not taken seriously by anyone though, older or younger.

-- shellie (, August 04, 1999.

Male European (German,Norweigan) 45 - in body only! Photographer - no foolin' look at the handle - but working in a lab rather than taking photos - darn! 7 and scared i've not preped enough married - wife is GI and tired of talking about it and my reading about it 2 kids in home - 3 in heart 3 dogs - small medium and large

I hope we are so very wrong and that my life will continue to be as boring and unproductive as it currently is - yet fiat currency, stock bubble, asia, russia, south america, bank runs, and then mix well with Y2k - May God have mercy on His children

-- Same as B4 (, August 04, 1999.

Female, Caucasian, 36 years, 2yrs University, Married, 3 kids, middle class, home business. Husband is DWGI and works with computers. Yikes!

-- Gia (, August 04, 1999.

Heinz 57, American middle class male, age 37, Senior Electronics Technician (read mechanic), I work on multi-million dollar semiconductor production equipment for a multi-national corporation, very tactile, visual... Amateur blacksmith/gunsmith/motorcycle and auto mechanic. Associates degree in Robotics. Above all else, I am a realist...

scratchin' at the door...

The Dog

-- Dog (Desert, August 04, 1999.

I'm white female 57 years old. Undergraduate degree math, masters in psychology. 30 years in data processing. Two children, three grandchildren. A husband that I love and who loves me. A good life.

I think that the members of the forum come from many backgrounds, but most have good lives that they don't want to go away. Most USA - some very welcome British, Canadian and Australian but other countries represented periodically

-- Jean (, August 04, 1999.

Hey FM, you started this, so where are your stats?

-- For (, August 04, 1999.

36 yr old caucasion, career Army Officer. Combat experience. Married, 4 kids, live in a civilian neighborhood in a city. Masters degree. Worried about what I may be called to do if things go to crap. Thinking through options right now on how to be faithful to my oath to preserve and defend the constitution while protecting and serving those around me. Haven't come up with the answer yet, but I'll keep trying.

I think there are a number of military that either lurk these forums or post anonymously. We have homes and families too and most of us aren't interested in running a police state. We'll all eventually come up with our own answers to these dilemmas.

-- Joe (rathernot@thanksany.way), August 04, 1999.

28, M, Married,11 month old son,Currently working in Client\Server Data Base(MSSQL and ORACLE) Live in SoCal and not many people want to believe Y2K would disrupt their perfect little yuppie lives. Do have GI freinds but would have to say the majority doesn WANT to get it.

-- trout (, August 04, 1999.

(Wow, Gia, I know how you feel, my husband is DWGI and has been in computers nearly 30 years. Our family of 4 has always been into them, but I am the lone GI, and it has been very stressful! Good luck to us)

I am female, 46 years old, middle class after my childhood, BA in Women's Studies, after 20 year career in computers, PacBell. Interests in ecology, alternative health, organic gardening, spiritual studies, feminist issues. Mother of 2 sons in their teens. For the last three years I have been home training myself on the internet and using it to research my next career and relaxing with my children for awhile. But since y2k entered in, I have not rested.

Stumbled on to y2k last Dec. and lurked daily since then. I am expecting an eventual 9 or 10 but not sure if it will be sudden or a more gradual unraveling over the months. But I tend to really doubt that the dominos will not fall by the end of Jan.

Thanks for the opportunity to see who we are here, I find it a nice feeling to be able to picture the people behind the handles.


-- Lora Ereshan (, August 04, 1999.

Hmmmm.... 33 Germanic-Irish-Swedish (!!!) Female, married to a wonderful DWGI who has become a passive GI (thanks to whoever above came up with that one!), one 3 yr. old son, 1 dog, 2 goats, 14 ducks, LOTS of chickens. Former admin. assistant/bookkeeper, firefighter/EMT (back got screwed up at work) now SLOWLY working on my RN degree. Believe in God, struggling with the rest of the details (born again Christian, but.....). Some college. Chomping at the bit to see how things turn out - Hoping like hell things don't melt down, not sure - would love for it to be a BITR so I can jump into the stock market again next year (just started last year). Will probably ALWAYS choose to be prepped for 1 year after all the consideration and soul searching done this year.

-- Kristi (, August 04, 1999.

Oh yeah.... native Californian (now does that mean I can call myself "native American"...seems appropriate...)

-- Kristi (, August 04, 1999.

Kristi, I am working on my R.N. right now too. Got started 2 years ago and now am back in it again. Nice to meet you. If you ever would like to talk you can e-mail me anytime the address is real. Take care...Shellie

-- shellie (, August 04, 1999.

What great responses! I had no idea we'd get so many. Please, keep 'em coming, if you have something to add.

I particularly like the reference to people on this forum being "Mavericks," (as in "self-styled" versus "radical"). That has a real ring of truth to it--AND--it seems to apply to everyone who posts here, "Pollys," "Doomers," and "In Betweens." I have ALWAYS like original thinkers.

As for me, For(, my email address is real and always has been. I've corresponded with many of the forum regulars, so they know a bit about me. I'm a bit shy, however, about saying too much about myself in public, because I was once a public figure and retired from that particular profession, in part, because I had had enough "facetime" to last me a "lifetime."

Background: television news anchor, producer, assignment desk editor, reporter, photographer and videotape editor. Married (first for both my spouse and me) with 1 child. College educated. Was graduated with a teaching degree from a university housed under blue skies most of the year, not far from the inspiration for the song "America the Beautiful." Have lived and traveled extensively overseas, and I thank God every day I have the right to live in the USA because it beats any alternative I have yet to experience.

Age: Dream on! (Not goin' THERE!)

Does that answer the question?


-- FM (, August 04, 1999.

Ooops. That should have been "liked" original thinkers. Although I LIKE them too. (Proof-reading challenged this evening)


-- FM (, August 04, 1999.

Perhaps I should have also mentioned that the above background represents the field from which I "retired" myself.

It wasn't easy, which is why it's hard for a lot of television journalists to leave the field. Right after I made the decision to quit, my two favorite T-shirts displayed the messages, "Semi-retired and Semi-impossible" and "The Road to Success is Always Under Construction."


-- FM (, August 04, 1999.

American,Female,Black, over 45 under 55, upper-middle class,pro-gun,pro-choice, Born to be Texan but raised middle-class Northeastener.

-- quietly (, August 04, 1999.

46 year old italian-american, wife 2 kids,only GI in the family so guess where they will all be it tshtf my plac in the country. profession- MD hoping for a 3 seems like it will be a 6-7. al

-- al (, August 04, 1999.

Retired Fed, USCG Academy grad, 36 years military/civilian service, originally from MA. GI two years ago, found this to be the most helpful forum of those available; lurk here daily. Have no idea what will happen with y2k, but recognize the real potential for serious disruptions. Am preparing to best of my ability to protect the safety and well-being of my spouse, four cats, and two dogs, not to mention our property out here in the woods of SW Oregon. Haven't been able to convince even one person to prepare. Gave up trying. Time to thin out the gene pool, I guess.

-- Norm Harrold (, August 04, 1999.

I'm a 35 year old white male,middle class middle manager for large retail corporation. I'm a GI with a fantastic GI babe of a wife who wants me to spend my twelve free minutes a day doing something other than talking/prepping for y2k eventualities....Maybe a 3 or 4 by end of january, but I gotta say I think that even in todays f ed up society, that Americans(USA) are too resourcefull to let it drag us down for too long(or too spoiled). We will find a way! If not, rule .308 applies on this particular 1/2 acre in DIXIE!!! Heres hoping its just a bump......God Bless

-- steve (, August 04, 1999.

I'm 50 year old computer programmer and writer with a beautiful wife who also gets it. I'm trying to prepare for a 10, but I'm sure I'm overlooking something. We moved to the country last year because we don't want to be in the city if things get bad (as we think they will). Education: B.A. in Natural Sciences (liberal arts). Nationality: American. "Middle class", whatever that means.

-- Steve Heller (, August 04, 1999.

Forgot to add: college graduate, middle-mangagment and moving up, homeowner, GI since July 1998.

-- quietly (, August 04, 1999.

40 female,married in Northeast. Upper middle class, educated, working on 2 degrees. Business Management & Fine Arts. Have Real Estate License, worked as Loan officer,Bank teller, and Vaccine Production.. Have many hats that I can wear, just love to learn. GI in January, husband DWGI EVER!!. He works for A Laboratory that makes Vaccines, works with FDA and CDC amoung others. Have kids,6 cats and 1 dog. Live in the country, both have lived the simple life, doing things the old way. Have no Idea what to expect with Y2K..Just preping in case.

-- Cassandra (, August 04, 1999.

Ok. White American male, 25 years old. Married with two sons, and own my own business (3 years). Interested in history and social theory before Y2k. Major in college was Philosophy.

Hey, Shellie, you're not the only one here under thirty. You wouldn't happen to live in Manitou would you?

-- Jim the Window Washer (, August 04, 1999.

Again, great responses. I hope more of you forum regulars find this thread and post over the next few days.


Because somehow--also in the back of my mind--I have always had this sense that unless people live in New York, Washington, D.C. or "Hollywood," their opinions are mostly ignored by the mainstream press.

Heck, even if people live in one of above locales, they are not likely to be quoted unless they are easily accessible--which is why I always thought "man on the street" interviews were dumber than dumb.

Why? Perhaps I'm misguided, but I tend to think most fairly intelligent, "media-savvy" people--when asked to participate in a news interview while walking down the street--would politely decline while thinking to themselves, "What kind of an idiot news organization would presume to be able to legitimately sample public opinion by talking only to people who CONSENTED to be interviewed outside a shopping mall, etc.?"

Oh, well. . .

A subject for another thread. Maybe.

In the meantime, keep posting responses to this one, if ya got 'em.


In the back of my mind, I want to ask if any of you have ever been polled regarding Y2k.

-- FM (, August 04, 1999.

But the poll question is also a thread for another day. Maybe.

God bless.


-- FM (, August 04, 1999.

Window Washer, How are ya? No I don't live in Manitou, never heard of it acually. I live in a small town in Texas in the DFW area called Cleburne. Nice to know ya.

-- shellie (, August 04, 1999.

33, Male, Northern Irish-born Canadian. 1 wife + 1 rug-rat, BComm, business owner (retail), "respectable middle class", as my Norn Iron relatives like to say.

-- Johnny Canuck (, August 04, 1999.

Midwest, feminist 44 with no kids...(geeze I feel like I'm writing a personal ad). Married for close to 20 years, liberal leanings but tempered with a healthy dose of cynicism. College educated working in social work. Both husband and I GI and have been preparing for the last year. My mother was a child of the depression, she taught me that no one takes care of you, like yourself and if you expect stormy weather you better take an umbrella. I think y2k will be one hell of a storm.

-- Mabel Dodge (, August 05, 1999.

41, female, single (put my career first for way too many years and now it's too late, but hey, you makes your choices), 3rd generation Californian, now ex-patriot of La-La Land and about to move to the Shenandoah from Florida.

Ex-published novelist/anthologist, presently graphic designer/website retail business owner. Raised upper middle-class, but now struggling and making at or perhaps slightly below some definitions of the poverty level.

Don't know what to expect, really and truly, though I am doing what I can with meagre funds to prepare for a 7+ or 8. Plan to barter with seeds (small and portable), or give them away, which ever way this situation turns out.

-- CD (, August 05, 1999.

59, male, white, single [twice divorced]; self-employed 25 years; inventor, [2 patents issued; numerous other machines and devices designed, built and sold]; machine designer, mechanic, machinist, musician, composer-arranger-conductor, firearms designer, pianist; thinker/philosopher/problem-solver; live in So. Utah; 3 1/2 years college Music; 3 yrs 4 mos US Army; 17 yrs USAEC Nevada Test Site; 4 computers; mostly lurk, try to check-in daily; Infomagic 'devolution' too plausible; tho I think not probable; consider ourselves VERY lucky with a '5'; name and email are real...

-- Perry Arnett (, August 05, 1999.

OK I'll byte!

41, divorced (thank you, God), Basil Fawlty fan, token Brit doing a James Brown (Livin' In A-Mer-I-Ca), Guiness lover, ex-race car driver (lost my bottle), ex motorcyclist (lost my bottle), ex dater of American women (lost my bottle), keen and scrupulous defender of the faith, OK!, attacker of arseholes on this forum (double-ducker, flunt, crass [craig], y2k pro-bono, dingbat, ceepeearse, dino in trouble, no sham, beano, dingo, cess-pool, I said cess-pool [ok, andy- ray], jimmy bugger do-nuts, did is mention that supreme wanker BEANO, he of the finished remediation - so-all-is OK-with-the world- brain- cell, oh yeah, I'm forgetting, MARIA - I daren't give her a nick-name as she has something on me...

Later folks,

nil carborundum illegitimati (Maria?) grind you down!!!

-- Andy (, August 05, 1999.


One question. Being 41 and all, any idea when they'll finally let you out of middle-school??

I like the name-calling. That's some real grown-up stuff there.

You prove my point everytime you put your hands on your keyboard son. Keep up the good work.


-- Deano (, August 05, 1999.

40, white female, GED 2 years trade school, 21 years in Cosmetology which is like being a bartender (law, politics, psychology, councelor, nurse, you name it). Love people and can spot their strengths as well as their weaknesses from a mile away! Widow who fell in love with her 'destiny' 14 years ago and has NEVER really been alone with him due to my 18 yr old daughter (GI), his 17 yr old son (clueless) and our 9 year old 'ball of fire' son (protected)! Raised rural with those values, lived city as well as abroad (Asia), very strong military environment with highly impressive career histories as well as a long line of law inforcement. 'Maverick' suits me just fine as well! I think I've just found the name for my newest goat, lol! We have 10 acres with more than enough seed and stock to share! Prepped for a 10 (as much as possible) and we're unable to see anything less than 'the depression from hell'. Thanks FM....for everything! :)

-- Will continue (, August 05, 1999.

40, wh male married, two children, BS Geology, many years in the desert prospecting & exploring. Now full time dad, prepper, wanna-be-remnant, survivor, farmer, constructor, babysitter, reacher-outer-to-my-neighbors.

It's a great life, as long as you don't weaken.


-- pinkrock (, August 05, 1999.

Thank you Beano I certainly will :)

-- Andy (, August 05, 1999.

American,black,female...45,married with 2 children.Located in northern ohio, i am self-employed as a wedding co-ordinator/seamtress. Raised as middleclass and hanging on at least until january. Prepping to get through winter,but believe it will be a very long time before life gets back to normal (at least a 5). Shellie: Hi, glad to see you posting again. Emailed you but it bounced back.

-- kitten (, August 06, 1999.

I'm 18.. living in Sydney, Australia. Finished high school last year, going to Harvard for class of `04.. want to study languages and business management. Like a lot of people here, I can do a bunch of things.. copywriter, salesperson, novelist, entrepreneur, low-level management... right now I'm working as a market-research pollster and doing some marketing consulting on the side.

First attracted to y2k out of the idea that I could make a big profit on it.. marketing problems and cost viability killed that. Went back to thinking it'd be a BITR until a couple of nights ago, when I woke up in a terrified sweat at 5am after probably the single scariest experience in my life. (I've once been mugged at gunpoint, and have been chased through deserted streets at 3am by a group of knife-armed wannabe-muggers, but this made those look irrelevant.) So now I'm stocking up on food, fuel, and trying to get my neighbors to do the same.


-- Leo (, August 06, 1999.

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