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Connecting a Printer via DLC and PrintServer must be done over Windows Printer supported drivers. In spite of there is no Windows Driver for PP1000 (for example) In that case, for example the use of a QMS Windows NT Driver works fine, just telling Windows a fine name.

Via PosterShop ... Other Printers this whole Thing can be done.

My Question is, how does PosterShop handle the "Gateway" thru Windows NT Driver Subsystem?

-- Anonymous, August 04, 1999


That's an easy one. We don't. We just use windows API's (Application Programming Interfaces) to open up a printer connection. There are API's to receive a list of printers that have been connected through the Windows Subsystem. We get these printer names and show them to the user. After the user picks a printer from the list, we can then use this name to open up a connection to it via other windows API's. We send RAW data out to the printer, which means that we don't allow the windows subsystem to filter and change the contents going to the printer.

-- Anonymous, August 04, 1999

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