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Hi, friends:

There will be a blood test drive for bone marrow donation on 2 OCT 1999 (Sat), 10am-3pm at Tzu Chi S'pore branch, located at Trengganu Street ( opposite Chinatown complex, {Ayer Kreta wet market} ). This activity is organised by Tzu Chi, in co-operation with NUH bone marrow unit.

In this event, only a certain cc of blood will be taken out for test and stored in NUH bone marrow databank. More details will be given when the time is near.

Make yourself available on that day for such a meaningful event.

Lastly, share a wisdom thought i learnt last night : Nobody can avoid stress, but don't be beaten by stress, instead turn " stress" into "motivation" for growth.

rgds, sam.

-- Sam (, August 04, 1999


Learn about Tzu Chi Bone Marrow Registry

-- Jit Kiat Tan (, August 04, 1999.

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