Fellow people one and all:

I am cutting out and heading for the country sounds of crickets, frogs,hoot owls and birds songs, and all that make a life worth living. I am going to try to be alone with my thoughts and seek Gods will for our country and the people. I have had some hard struggles with God here lately about the times we live in. Even tho many will say thats pooh, pooh to this note to you all. I only ask you to be very careful when you respond to this.

I may be the last person(thought I don't think so) that have now been concerned about the state of the world for the last twenty years.

If God is trying to tell me someting I want to know what it is he has to say.

I have never lived for myself, or for riches although I have many and much. Maybe its because I came from a family of seventeen and was hungry most of the time, and cold most of the time in the winter. Maybe it was because I was born with a body that things didn't work right,without a name,But, Now they do becuse the only help I had was for God to help me. This day, I believe because I took his words to, Seek and I would find,Knock and it shall be opened to me, Ask and it shall be given unto me. Give and it shall be given back to me, full measure, pressed down, and overflowing. So you see, Althought I had spent many days alone with God when I was younger, I have not done so lately. The world has a way of taking your attention away from God. I really miss the good times we have had togather in peace and harmony, learning and listening to his instructions.

People: This he has already told me several times,( and I have typed it up at least 20 or 30 time to post and ereased it) Usually in the early am.

Y2K is a conversation that is moot. It has no beginning and no end. The wisdom of blind men have lead the people into a wilderness whish there is no excape for several generations. Men will look into themselves and find only empty caverans, Lost will be the power and knowledge to to find a way back to the narrow path once traveled by their forefathers.

On December 7, 1941-42-43-44-45-46 Almighty God heard the prayers of mothers, fathers,servicemen, from the pulpits and in the wilderness and on the streets, in the homes, in the fields. These prayers filled many a room in heaven, And God looked and granted mercy to seven more generations of their offspring.

Since that time no true prayers have filled the hall and rooms of heaven, even tho there have been warning time and time again.

Now instead of sincere prayer for guidence and help in time of trouble, The people have gone a whoreing after and following their leaders, To array an army to bring him down to earth so they can show him their accomplishments.

Judgement will fall like worse than everbefore, though this is not the end.

Now, Prophets live amoung you and the angles are on full alert. Too destroy or to make whole. lies flow from the tongues of our beloved children like water flows over a ducks back.

It is not God who will release the judgement. For all people have a freewill to say yea or nay. The scale will balance in the end. For how many peoples bellies now hurt as God tries to get their attention.

His ways will not let unjust deeds to go on until all the people that have faith in him to pass from the face of the earth. For then he would be left without a witness to his existance.Then the end would surley come for all.

Mercy can be received , But not until the people stop following false saviors that binds them with the law made by men.

Goodbye and God Bless all that seek him. For he is closer than your breath.

I say before I close this post. Look at the world through Gods eyes and not your own. You will hear cries for peace and safty, from hunger and death. And worst of all, no two agree there. Lon

-- Lon (, August 04, 1999


I'm not God so I can't look through his eyes. Why do you have to run to the mountains to seek God's will? How do you know that it's God's will that you do this? Do you hear funny voices in your head? There have been many prophet's and people who have claimed that God spoke to them and even told them to murder people! Throughout the Old Testament you can see the slaughter of thousands because God told them to do it. That makes God a murderer! I'm not here to tell you differently, but I must say, I raise my eyebrows at anyone who says that "God told them so." Good luck in the hills, but beware of the strange voices that could be demons.

-- bewareofstrangevoices (, August 04, 1999.

its really best to ignore the rantings of the middle eastern monotheistic cults. they don't have a clue.

-- D E F (, August 04, 1999.

Good post Lon.

I believe not having solitude time to actually "listen" to your thoughts is part of what is wrong with the world at large. We as a society are too visually and auditorally stimulated to achieve this calm state. I believe that the conscience is the communication you are speaking of. The people without a conscience are the crippled ones. They have a handicap.

My "temple" is my back yard area. Over my back fence is several sections of BLM desert land. At night, I walk out to the corner of my yard and look up. Desert star scape is the most awesome "ceiling" for a "temple" in the world. This is where I gather my thoughts and reflect over the past time since I had been here before. The buzz of modern life is only 30' away but I am listening to a very special monologue that is good of nature.

People who have no conscience will have no clue what I am talking about and will flame me accordingly. But that is OK, they are merely words.

When I step away from that wall and go back into my house to be with my children and my wife, I am refreshed mentally, and any items or topics I have "researched" during my "session with myself, all have solutions or are working in that direction. I can't quote the passage in the Bible, but there is a passage concerning man's temple, and that it is your physical body.

Lon, no offense to you, but I have absolutely no use for organized religion. They are a parasite on the body of man. Same goes for modern government. Man cannot rule himself. I believe that. One of the truths of life and existence is to prove that man cannot rule himself. And we are proving it daily. We are slowly poisoning ourselves, in a multitude of ways.

"Green" people are trying to "save the planet". Forget the planet, save the people. The planet will take care of itself thank you. Mother Nature is getting ready to boot us off. We are the infection killing it. If we were all to leave, the planet would normalize itself, in a relatively short period of time.

Lon, I appreciate your posts. They activate my thoughts...

I can see the flames now...

watchin' the cat get a bath... (heh, heh,)

The Dog

-- Dog (Desert, August 04, 1999.


Tradition has it that the DESERT is where one listens most acutely to G-d. Come to the Sonoran Desert this season...I doubt that you will be disappointed!

-- K. Stevens (kstevens@It's ALL going away in, August 04, 1999.


God speed your quest


Like your style, I think you would enjoy a certian pool in a rainforest I know. Your church is where you are at.

-- Brian (, August 04, 1999.

God is no bleeding heart. In the Old Testament, he struck down hundreds of people, caused mayhem and destroyed many civilizations (which included babies, old ladies, and regular nice folks). Jesus is the one who came to preach love, forgiveness, and charity. God does not suffer fools. Jesus wants us to pray for fools. Jesus is beloved by God but he still has to follow the rules.

-- Carol (, August 04, 1999.


I will answer you once.

Jesus is indeed The Beloved of God, a Savior whom the world hates. It seems that you have not been alone with God and his Spirit to teach you the ways of man , earth and heaven and hell.

In the end all are dust. Both believers and fools.

God has never destroyed or hurt one of his believers, Never. You are referring to fools that was warned and heeded not.

I am almost sure you are a baptist.


-- Lon (, August 04, 1999.

Lon, no not Baptist, not even close. You certainly read a lot in my post that never was stated. I did not say God killed believers, but babies, old ladies and regualar nice folks. If you destroy the world and only save one family, a whole lot of folks will die. God did that. I think the world is over due for another cleansing. BTW I am on God's side. And I am a student of divinity-- the science of God.

-- Carol (, August 04, 1999.

Lon, the United States will be judged severely.

The populace has been warned many times, but prosperity has blinded most.

The judgment will be sudden and unexpected and terrible.

-- Randolph (, August 04, 1999.

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