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Have you ever had so much Spam in your childhood poverty that you thought you could never look at it again...only to have to reconsider due to Y2K and wishing to have canned meats one can afford? Then look no further for the answer! The other night I found SPAM has its own website filled with recipes. However, they come up so slowly and take so much time to print out that I instead looked further, and guess what? They have a number you can call and they will send you a free recipe book chock full of ways in which to disguise this meat. You can visit or you can call 1-800-LUV-SPAM. Enjoy!

-- Elaine Seavey (, August 03, 1999


You're supposed to use recipes?

We just usually skin the darn thing and eat it raw.

Wow!, have we been missing out.


-- Got Salt?

-- Greybear (, August 03, 1999.

Dinty Moore turkey stew isn't bad. I'm not implying it's good, but it's okay, It has some carrots and potatoes in there and lots of gravy. There's even some meat! Probably Spam is more economical though.

-- Mara Wayne (, August 03, 1999.

I have collected a number of different canned meat products and now am canning my own meats with Ball jars. Much cheaper and better products that way.

-- smfdoc (, August 03, 1999.

thank you!! i loved that site!! thanks again!!! eddy

-- eddy (, August 04, 1999.

Just last night I cooked a "Spam-a-la-King" recipe (yes, recipes are definitely the way to make things enjoyable over the long run!) It is really good! I don't have the original address, but here's the recipe: 1/3 c onion 3 Tb butter or reconstituted substitute (may need some Pam or Crisco) 3 Tb flour 1/4 tsp Salt 1/8 tsp pepper 1 C Water 1 C Half-and-Half (or reconstituted powdered milk will work) 1 Chicken bouillon cube 1 can SPAM Luncheon Meat, CUBED (12 oz) 1 can sliced mushrooms, drained (4 oz) Serve over rice, toast etc.

In large saucepan, saute onion in butter (or Pam) until tender. Blend in flour, salt, and pepper until smooth. Stir in water, half-and-half (or powdered milk reconstituted with water), and bouillon cube. Cook over low heat, stirring until bouillon dissolved and mixture boils and thickens. Add SPAM (be sure to dice it up in small pieces), and mushrooms. Cook and stir 3 minutes. Serve over rice or toast.

We're eating this about every other week now! A Y2K recipe that has become regular family fare before Y2K! In fact, I'm finding that more and more we're moving away from the fresh and frozen to living with the canned recipes. Should make life "later" much more normal!

-- Jen (, August 04, 1999.

We should all be cooking already with the things we stored. Know we got some canned chili at ALDI's and it was horridly greasy...glad we tried it first and hadn't bought cases of it. Of course, hunger may make such taste better but think it would do a number on most folks stomachs. Spam is good..thinly sliced slices fried on homemade bread with lots of mustard...mmmmm

-- MUTTI (windance, August 04, 1999.

I tried Spam out on my family - and for myself, as I was hoping a few decades since my last use had improved it. Five thumbs down was the review, so I decided canned corned beef might be a better bet. Besides the obvious corned beef sandwiches, does anyone have recipes for using canned corned beef?

-- Linda (, August 06, 1999.

Here is a Corned Beef recipe.


12 oz can Corned Beef 2 oz Flour 2 Eggs, beaten Seasonings 2 tbspns Grated Onion 1/2 cup Milk

Flake beef. Beat flour with the eggs and milk and add meat, onion and seasonings. Drop spoonfuls into the hot fat, turning when crisp and brown.

-- Kath (, September 26, 1999.

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