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Housemates, god love 'em, are often a necessary evil. What's your worse housemate story? Trust me, talking about it will make you feel better.

-- Mo (, August 03, 1999


My worst housemate was a *very* large woman who sported a mustache who fell in love with my then-boyfriend.

See, we used to go out and include her because we felt sorry for her. Then one time I caught her telling all of her friends about it and acting like "he" took "her" out to the bar and to play pool. That "he" was dancing with her! Is that pathetic or what??!

-- Steph (, August 04, 1999.

Due to finanaces, I currently have two room mates well I call them co-habitants because the term "room mate" is just too personal.

the female version of the co-hab is a retired alcoholic lawyer. She doesn't refrigerate mayonnaise and last Sunday night she trapped one of my weekend visitors up in the dining room and proceeded to speechify at the poor guy. I rescued him and then she tried to trap another guest. (eventually she passed out at the top of the stairs after almost putting a dining room chair through the sliding glass door)

the male co-hab is a 18 yr old moron who had the nerve to not only use my computer w/o permission, he loaded on a disk a friend gave him to play a game (thank god - it didn't have a virus) and then signed onto my internet account to visit porn sites/chats. Then he compounded the problem by lying to me about why my computer always had to scan disk when I booted it up (the a&&hole didn't even know how to shut the computer down properly)

On the whole, I'd rather just live alone with 42 cats and scare neighboorhood children


-- Jai (, August 04, 1999.

Jai said

"On the whole I'd rather just live alone with 42 cats and scare the neighborhood children."

You and me both, sister.

-- Mo (, August 10, 1999.

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