What songs throw you into a homicidal rage?

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"Muskrat Love" has to be in the top ten of my most-hated songs (and it wasn't just because of the emotional distress of having the sexual implications of the song pointed out to me at a young age). Along with "Muskrat Love," I'd have to include "Seasons of the Sun," "Sister Christian," and Journey's "Oh Sherry" (sorry if I'm upsetting anyone). What are some of your most hated bands?

-- Mo (moira@diarist.net), August 03, 1999


Response to What's songs throw you into a homicidal rage?

I can't believe you dissed "Sister Christian"! Nightranger was the bomb back in the day, one of the greatest moments of my life was seeing N'ranger with .38 Special back in '83 and the whole concert my friend was all like: "dude, are they going to play Sister Christian?" And I was like: "Yeah dude, of course they are!" And then he was like: "Are you sure dude?" And so I was like: "Chill dude, they'll play it dude."

They came out for their encore and I said to my friend: "I bet they play it now dude" and then they played it and I held up my lighter... "Motoring...." I even burned my finger because they played a jammin' version of it that went on for like 10 minutes, but it was worth it, and that's what I said to my friend: "That was worth it dude."

What was the question again?

-- J2 (rirams@hotmail.com), August 03, 1999.

Response to What's songs throw you into a homicidal rage?

Actually, "Oh Sherry" is Steve Perry solo. I think that's his name, whatever the strange looking lead singer of Journey is named.

-- J2 (rirams@hotmail.com), August 03, 1999.

You have no idea how much I want to hurt you right now, J2.

-- Mo (moira@diarist.net), August 03, 1999.

Anything by Jim Crochee sucks. I don't know if I even spelled his name right, but he sucks. mu SO loves him, and cleans house to his CD's frequently. And frequently I have to protest by saying Jim "Coochie" sucks.

And I hate Elton John. Too flaming.-(and this by a girl who was raised by lesbians....)

-- Amy (ferris13@hotmail.com), August 04, 1999.

The '70s were rife with bad songs. I also hate "Muskrat Love", "Seasons in the Sun", the Pina Colada song, "Convoy", "Oh Sherry", nearly all disco songs...oh, I can't go on.

But I love "Sister Christian". Go figure.

-- Lizzie (crow@well.com), August 04, 1999.

ANY song played at wedding receptions throws me into fits of rage! Monie Monie ( more people die if it's the Billy Idol version) The Funky Chicken? What the fuck? The Electric Slide? Nothing makes people look uglier than the Electric slide. Hand Up or whatever it's called. I try to never use this word because I tend to think of myself as sensitive and tolerant to any lifestyle, but that shit is GAY. Even songs that used to be good but were overkilled by weddings like the Twist, Louie Louie, etc.

Currently, it's any song that has any number of teenage boys singing bad, bad psuedo R&B. For that matter, any group that has the name "Boys" in it. Except of course the Beat-sie boys, they're my boys. Ok, I'm rambling. Oh yeah and La Vida Loca. Kill me now. Britney Spears? ouch. Rod Stewart, Elton John, and Meatloaf reaaaaaaaaally should have retired long ago. I could go on and on and on...as you can tell. I'll leave some bandwith for someone else.

-- Bart (Bdwyblues@aol.com), August 04, 1999.

you light up my life...debby boone. vomit.

-- gonzo (gonzo@gonzodex.com), May 29, 2001.

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