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I just added my 2 cents worth to Grandpappy's great post on the "backpack". I learned the following while working a wildfire and the batteries in my headlamp turned out to be dead because the rocker switch had gone to the on position some time ago.....:

"If you are packing up flashlights, headband style lights or anything else with batteries insert a small piece of paper between the battery and the contacts with the device. This will help keep the batteries from being used up if the device gets turned on accidentally while in storage or traveling. Just remember to leave a tag of paper sticking out so it is easy to pull out - I leave it long enough to stick out of the closed battery compartment (if feasible) so I can SEE that it is there before getting angry that it won't turn on.... (been there, done that, .....). "

Hope this is helpful.

-- Kristi (, August 03, 1999


Now is a good time to mention that for longer-term storage, batteries should not be stored in an electronic device. If the batteries start to leak the corrosive material can ruin the battery contacts and render the device inoperable.

-- Old Git (, August 03, 1999.

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