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I am 55 years old and have several surgurys and arthosc. on my knees. Am I to young to have the replacements done? Also,do they recommend doing them both at the same time like Clem Haskin had? One more thing..I am an electrician (construction) so am I looking at early retirement or total disability. I see a orthp. surg. tomorrow in the Minneapolis area and am concerned what they will do as both joints are gone,

-- Kenneth Schwaerzler (, August 02, 1999


Response to knee replacements

My father had both of his knees replaced. He was 59 when he got the first one done and owns his own construction business. The operation helped him a great deal. He is now 64 and trying to find out if it can be operated on again because he is in a lot of pain.

-- Rhonda Clough (, January 25, 2000.

i am 49 years old and just had a knee replacement 2 weeks ago. my occupation as a RN requires me to walk excessively. i hope i am able to continue to work for many more years. the pain with the surgery was worse than i anticipated, but i am getting better every day with therapy. it is very important to do your exercises and build the quad muscle in your leg to help with a speedy recovery. my other knee now has started hurting more and i have had it scoped 2 years ago. i hope i do not have to have a replacement on it. my replacement does not feel any different than a regular knee. good luck.

-- m russell (, November 28, 2002.

i had a knee replacement in july 2002 and i am going to have my other down in 10months time, I AM 43 year old and I have been suffering for 10 years

-- (, January 12, 2003.

I am a 71 1/2 year woman, I am scheduled for a right knee replacemant within 6 weeks. My question is approximately how many days was your hospital stay, and how long did you have the after pain. I am very active, I walk and lift weights, and on the go all of the time. I am hoping not have a long recovery. Thanks, Lula

-- Lula Blake (, February 03, 2003.

I am 54 years ols and had a total right knee replacement 6 weeks ago. My surgeon is so happy with the result that I go tomorrow to have my left one done. I am convinced that the answer to success is to keep doing all the exercises every day. Is everything perfect? No I need to build up my quad muscles more and I still have a -25degree lag but I'm working on it! Good luck !

-- Maureen North (, February 25, 2003.

I am doing a project on knee recplacments. Someone asked how long you would have to be in hospital for after the operation for just one 3-5 nights and if you got both your knees replaced it would be 5-7 nights.

-- jenna (, March 25, 2003.

51/m had total knee replacement 4 weeks ago. Weight 440lbs,am walking with cane,am takeing aspirn for pain...exercise twice daily,an walking short distance but improving a little every week.Can anyone give me an ideal when i will become pain free....FIXING TO HEAD FOR THE POOL STARTING NEXT WEEK..

-- Dave varner (, March 26, 2003.

On February 23, 1999, at the age of 61, I had both knees replaced. The operation, performed at New York's Beth Israel Hospital by Dr. Donald Kastenbaum, was a trtendous success. To celebrate the one year anniversary of the operation, I competed in the annual Empire State Run, up the stairs of the Empite State Building. I completed the 88-floor course to the observation deck in 26 minutes. Last year I completed the New York City Marathon, racewalking to the finish line in 6 hours, 43 minutes. I am entered again this year.

-- Mike Alber (, April 07, 2003.

I injured my knee in jan.02,had artho surgery in jume 02.Doctor repaired both medial and lateral meniscus also removed piece of bone the size of his thumb.Doctor never siad where bone came from.Two weeks after this surgery my foot started swelling and became very painfull.Had a vascualar study done for blood clots and nothing show up,doctor still did not say what it could be but put me on anti- inflamatories.Well in December I had to have total knee replacement on same knee since I could hardly walk on.Also before the artho surgery in june I had terrible pain on medial side of knee.I am still having that pain,taking two and three oxycodone a day.My foot feels like it is asleep and sometimes painfull like you get with a stone bruise.All the doctor says is that it will take time. Plus this is a workers comp. case so they won't let me see another doctor. Is there any help out there.

-- Alan McIntyre (, June 16, 2003.

Both of my knees and a hip are on the way out! My concerns are that I will not be able to continue with my work in aged care,future looking bleak!I am almost 58 years old,another one of those terrific baby boomers in a bit of trouble.I think the decision to be made I want the life style now or later.I am unable to spend the full day doing what I would normally do,I hurt.

-- Lynne Parums (, August 03, 2003.

no response but a question.i am very confused and agrivated about my total knee re-placement in 2001. 6 months later i needed arthroscopic dr. retired right after my surgery. my knee needs to be replaced again and i am scared and don't know what to do short of wearing a knee brace or surgery. please give me oppinions. i am leaning toward the surgery but that was a most unpleasant operation i ever had. thanks. i didn't know where to send questions, so i sent it here. i hope this is ok

-- bette adams (, October 22, 2003.

It is not clear to me what the specific reason is that your knee needs to be replaced again. The best advice I can give you would be to see a total joint specialist and to get several opinions regarding your options. We would be happy to see you here, if you like.

-- Mesfin Lemma, M.D. (, October 22, 2003.

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