looking for tips on converting an old house into a greenhouse

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I'm looking for tips or thoughts about converting an old empty house into an indoor growing area (tomatoes, salad crops, mostly). Some current thoughts: there is no insulation at all in the plaster/lathe walls, so since aesthetics aren't an issue, what about putting insulating bats up against the walls fastening as necessary and then covering them with sheets of plastic (and then either aluminum foil or space blankets over the plastic)? Put something on the floor to insulate it, also covered with sheets of plastic or tarps (maybe layers of newspapers)? Also, plywood over the windows (inside and outside) and they would also be covered with the insulation.

Tomato plants in buckets, strawberries, radishes and small salad crops in columns, maybe some trays for other stuff. Use a small propane heater to keep it warm. Start it up in November, fresh produce beginning in January.

Use DC fluorescent gro-lites. and mix my own growing medium from dirt and compost.

-- robert waldrop (rmwj@soonernet.com), August 02, 1999

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