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Armed Resident Kills Burglar; No Charges Planned

By MARY R. FORTUNE, Staff Writer

A burglar with a lengthy arrest record broke into the wrong home Tuesday morning and was shot and killed.

Chattanooga police report that Maurice Chevalier Dozier, 42, pried open a side window at 4715 B Pawnee Trail and hoisted himself onto the sill at about 1:30 a.m. As he clambered through the window, resident Dario Adams shot him once in the side with a 12-gauge shotgun.

The blast knocked Mr. Dozier out of the window. Paramedics found him in the yard minutes later. He died within a few hours at Erlanger Medical Center.

There will be no charges in connection with the shooting, detectives said.

Tennessee law is clear about the force residents can use to protect themselves in their homes, said Hamilton County District Attorney Bill Cox, "The law presumes someone willing to break into your home while you're there is willing to hurt you or kill you," he said. 'And the use of deadly force is justified if and when you are in danger of serious bodily injury or death."

The deadly force cases are reviewed by the District Attorney's office, Mr. Cox said. The decision not to file charges lies with detectives and the prosecutor's office.

The modest, brick duplex where Mr. Dozier was shot Tuesday is one of several that line the short, shady street off Moore Road. The residents there have suffered from a rash of burglaries in recent months.

From February to July, there were a dozen burglaries on the street, according to Chattanooga Police Department statistics.

Mr. Adams' duplex was burglarized one month ago. His neighbors have been burglarized three times since February.

Landlord Mike Manz owns about 40 of the duplexes in a four-block area. His father built them in the 1960s. And his brother owns the one where Mr. Dozier was shot Tuesday morning.

About three of his properties are burglarized every week, Mr. Manz said. The thieves usually take televisions and VCRs -- things they can carry out quickly and easily turn into cash or trade for drugs.

Mr. Manz said he caught Mr. Dozier breaking into one of his duplexes a couple of years ago. The landlord said he held Mr. Dozier at gunpoint and ordered him to wait for the police, but Mr. Dozier ran.

"This used to be a quiet neighborhood," Mr. Manz said. "I used to live here myself. Not anymore."

According to court records, Mr. Dozier had nine cases pending in Hamilton County Criminal Court when he died Tuesday. Several of the cases were for theft over $500.

The shooting marked the third time in four months a burglar has been killed while breaking into a home in the Chattanooga region. No charges were filed against the shooters in any of the cases.

* On Thursday, a 68-year-old Marion County homeowner shot and killed William E. Campbell, 30, as they wrestled over the homeowner's gun.

The shooting happened about 10:30 a.m. in the Mullins Cove community.

* On March 24, Otis Curry, 18, was shot and killed after he broke into a Dodson Avenue home and tried to rob the resident.

The recent shootings are unusual, but they don't necessarily mean more people have guns, said Sgt. Brian Bergenback, a police spokesman.

"I don't think there are necessarily more people arming themselves," he said. "People are already armed in their homes, and they have been for a long, long time."

-- looters beware (it's@already.started), August 02, 1999


Two nights ago some of us were talking in the park, and we all have guns. Talk turned to a more aggressive neighborhood watch and willingness to shoot if somebody is coming into your home. Kids getting kidnapped and home invasion news decided it for most of the guys a while back. Have gun, will use.

-- Ned (nedtl@secure.home), August 02, 1999.

these days what does somebody coming through the window at 1:30 a.m. expect

-- not (through@my.window), August 02, 1999.

I love happy endings (these qualify nicely). Expect seven digits of these events occurring next year.

my website:

-- Minnesotasmith (, August 02, 1999.

Anybody know where I can find out what the laws about self-defense are in each state?

I've seen the NRA listing of gun possesion laws but not of "gun use" laws.

-- biker (, August 02, 1999.

You can't beat a 12 gauge shotgun, loaded with #4 or #00 buckshot, for home defense. I sleep with a Mossberg Persuader under my bed, and I sleep very well.

-- Jack (, August 02, 1999.


Pick the state and look for the revised Code for that state at something like www.(fill in the state).gov/revised code or similar.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, August 02, 1999.


I CAN beat it. You load the shells yourself. 12Ga magnum shells, dump the shot load and cut some welding rod 1" to 1.5 " (whatever tucks into the shell. it's been a while since I saw this one). Stack them in, end into the wad so they sit parallel to the sides of the shell. Fill the shell with them and crimp cown.

The fletchets have an effective range of about 15-25 feet, and BARELY go through a sheet of sheetrock at 5 feet. Inside 25 feet, they WILL rip the target quite satisfactorily into ribbons.

They WILL travel farther than 25 feet but not effectively. Chuck As always YMMV and for informational purposes only, user retains all liability on usefulness, and or, suitability of use in their guns.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, August 02, 1999.

Chuck: Dallas Morning News had a story in the intl. section about a nun in Columbia that shot and killed a burglar at their church. Maybe we should try and send Bill & Hialarious down there to straighten them out on moral issues? Maybe they would even like it down there!

-- Neil G.Lewis (, August 02, 1999.

If memory serves, in Florida the state law section that deals with force/deadly force and justification is Florida Statute 776.012-.018. I remember this from when I built a huge stungun (that packs 0.4-1.2 joules per pulse depending on the low-med-high switch) and researched the state laws with regard to packing it.

As for flechette ammunition for shotguns, the US military did research on the idea and there are shells that are preloaded with single or small numbers of flechettes. Each is a stainless-steel dart with a sharp end and its opposing end crimped and slightly twisted to form basic wings for flight stability. Their designs would zip right through a threat level III-A bullet-resistant vest at about 10 yards, so even the flak-jacket would be of little use.

Of course, a target outside say 20-30 yards would only take minor to moderate injuries, not nearly enough to stop them. But the downside of a well-made flechette is that once it enters the target it bends and starts zipping around in weird directions, perforating everything as it goes. REALLY nasty wounds.

I'd not suggest making flechette rounds unless you are well away from everyone that'd turn you in and are equipped enough to test and tweak the design for the best effect. Poorly made flechettes might cause more problems than they're worth.

Always the ballistics fan...

-- OddOne (, August 03, 1999.

I love stories like this because it's one less creep breathing air on this planet! Come through my door you sucker and I'll do the same! The guy was an idiot. I'm no gambling man, but knowing how many fire arms are in this country, you've got to be a total idiot to be where you do not belong. Armed and dangerous!

-- afrmed&dangerous (armed&dangerous@armed&, August 03, 1999.

Something rather interesting dawned on me while I was reading the story toward the end, whether it has any significance to you or not, I thought I'd share it anyway. I've studied Chinese astrology since '79. Each of the men who died, passed away in their opposite years. Since there is a 60 year chinese astrological cycle, there are 5 variations of the 12 animals. This is the year of the earth rabbit. A roosters opposite year is during the rabbit. The 42 yr. old was a fire rooster, the 30 yr. old was a earth rooster and the 18 yr. old was a metal rooster. It could have been a monkey turning later in the year which is also suspect. The metal fixed signs: Monkey, Rooster and dog love money and love wood signed years like the rabbit, generally for the tranquil energy. Dogs and roosters are less prone to steal. Sure is shitty to die in your opposite year.

-- Feller (, August 03, 1999.

This is great. More dead scum. there can never be too many incidents like this one. Feller: Astrology is pure bull shit, nothing more. You insult us all when you post something like that. Try doing something useful with your spare time.

-- gunslinger (gotguns@homeandwork.watchout), August 03, 1999.

The guy should have gone out into his yard and dragged the thief back in the window. Makes for a better self defence case.... (okay just kidding}.

-- kozak (kozak@formerusaf.guv), August 03, 1999.

GUNSLINGER: I've spent 20 years trying to disprove Astrology and haven't yet been successful. I walked into a party of strangers and guessed the first 4 people right on the nail. I stopped after the 4rth cuz it is wierd. I was introduced to a person who all the sudden claimed they had a fiance who wrote an article that disproves astrology. I looked at her and guessed her year, then time of day born, then month born. When I got them all right, she flipped out. Consequently she dumped the man for whatever reason. Who knows. Life is wierd and I appologise for throwing in an OT curve ball. I just noticed that all three men died in their opposite year.

-- Feller (, August 03, 1999.,2107,77993-123183-869305-0, ml

Charges dropped against Colombian nuns who shot intruder

Copyright ) 1999 Nando Media, Copyright ) 1999 Associated Press

BOGOTA, Colombia (August 4, 1999 8:22 p.m. EDT - Two nuns who made headlines when they shot a convent intruder with a pistol were cleared of murder charges Wednesday. "The nuns acted in legitimate self-defense," read a statement from the public prosecutor's office, ending a two-week investigation.

The cloistered sisters, Luz Adelia Barragan and Eva Maria Silva, admitted that on July 21 they took turns firing a .38-caliber revolver into the darkness after hearing an intruder at the convent. One of those shots killed an apparent thief, Severo Mendez.

The nuns, who spent two nights in jail after the shooting, said they had only meant to scare away the man who broke into the El Tobo convent in Tunja, 80 miles northeast of Bogota.

The shootings attracted national attention. Fed up with rampant violent crime rates, many Colombians said they sympathized with the nuns' actions.

The convent purchased the gun in 1981 following a series of robbery attempts. Its 25 sisters took vows of poverty; however, the building houses a valuable collection of religious art, including a 16th century portrait of the Virgin of the Miracles, decorated with a gold crown and scepter.

Nuns began patrolling the grounds this year after a series of break-ins. They had fired the gun before, but never hit anybody, said defense lawyer Gilberto Rondon.

-- the tide turns (armed@defend.vigorously), August 04, 1999.

well yeah the last 50 years too many nuns were raped, beaten, shot, now they've wised up and pack the ammo, only takes a while before the victimized "get it" and vow "never again" it's not a good time to become a burglar anymore

-- robbing too risky (programming@better.job), August 04, 1999.

if you want the primer on deadly encounters then you need to read"in the gravest extreme" by massad ayoub. this is the book on how to survive the encounter and the LEGAL aftermath. rule #1 dont move the body. rule #2 use only factory ammunition rule #3 avoid the encounter if at all possible dont make "macho" statements, things like "make my day" could be used to make you go to jail by a prosecutor. rule #4 after it is over dont talk to anyone but your lawyer good luck there is power in knowledge, al

-- al (, August 05, 1999.

Until rollover no need to move bodies, but once TSHTF you bet I will move the bodies. 911s won't work or will be overloaded and I don't want some corpse bleeding and bloating all over my carpet and stinking up my house and freaking out my kids. Got a camera?

-- rules don't apply (once@Y2K.hits), August 05, 1999.

No leftovers at our place: robber roast!

-- let the protein come (, August 05, 1999.

If you shoot somebody coming into your house while there is rioting and looting, the LEOs won't care about the particulars. They will be glad one less rabblerouser is dispatched out of the way.

-- don't sweat it (do@what's.necessary), August 05, 1999.

...leaving the world no poorer....

-- zoobie (, August 08, 1999.

How come "God" isn't protecting the churches and Christians ("good" Christian lay people as well as nuns)? Falling down on the job? (not omnipotent)? Overlooked something? (not omniscient)? Too much sh* to handle? (not omnipresent)?

Since I doubt there is a "God" looking out for me, I need to be able to take matters into my own hands.

-- A (, August 08, 1999.

We wouldn't blame the trigger-happy postals on God! He has surely given the Way to peace, compassion, kindness, and love. He also has given man free will. (A mistake, IOHO). Blame it squarely on the errant man who owns the error of his ways.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, August 08, 1999.

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