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I am looking for building plans for the construction-challenged (me) for a chicken tractor capable of housing about a dozen chickens. Does anyone have a link or a book they would recommend? thanks. (my email is real if you delete the X but I will read all responses)

-- Mommacarestx (, August 02, 1999


Try doing a search using Chicken Tractor. I believe the term was coined in a book by the same name - all sorts of info in it. As I understand it's simply a box made from pvc or 2x4 covered with chicken wire, lid on top, tarp covering part for shade, some sort of runner on bottom to slide across grass. you use a cross beam on top to hang feeder and waterer I think. Have been meaning to build one here but haven't gotten around to it yet. Good luck!

P.S. Make sure it is in an area where predators can't get to - this will not protect chickens - it is really only designed to keep them contained.

-- Kristi (, August 03, 1999.

Here is a good link for information.

-- Carol (, August 03, 1999.

We purchased a book on Chicken Tractors from Pinetree (the seed folks). Think their web site is just but not sure.

-- BigDog (, August 03, 1999.

Try this site.

-- marsh (, August 04, 1999.

I bought the book "Chicken Tractor" but was disappointed by the pictures/plans. I am construction-challenged also and wanted more specifics. I figure the mobile pen is fairly simple, but I need HELP on plans for a henhouse for roosts and nests.. and how to attach it to the "tractor". And... is it too late in the year to get chicks?

-- Linda (, August 06, 1999.

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