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Having thoroughly digested most of the pages of this site I have a feeling I've made a number of mistakes and wonder if there is a way to 'rewind'?

These are the details: Eversheds (solicitors) wrote to me asking for payment of #43000, a shortfall from a repossessed home in 1990. (they sold it 14 months later) and that I should contact them.

I made the mistake of speaking to them on the 'phone as they asked me to. I also made the mistake of offering #1000 to settle (a 'without prejudice' letter).

There were some more calls from them and I wrote another 'without prejudice' letter giving brief details of my expenditure and two items of income viz. a small Services pension and the rental income of a flat I have got which I cannot sell as it is in negative equity by some #14000. I have never used their forms or signed anything else.

I feel I did all of this as (a) I felt intimidated and scared at what they could do (b) did not know my rights (c) possibly misled by a solicitor who provides low-cost advice on a Saturday morning - although some of it was good and, finally, I did not search the Internet for sites such as these.

Now, here's the question: Can I write back to Eversheds and say something in the line of "Sorry, all I said and did was 'without prejudice' and now take it all back because you intimidated and frightened the life out of me" and then go ahead and do what is advised on this site?

-- Roderick O'Regan (roregan@businesstraining.co.uk), August 02, 1999


hello roderick, i have like yourself phoned and wrote to a debt collecting agent who is after 15.800. having just discovered this site i know i wont be filling any of analysis forms or for that case i wont bother replying to any more of their demands .i,llkeep you up to date on how i get on .good luck

-- (amcgiv@aol.com), February 09, 2000.

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