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Maybe this is a stupid question, but...

Is there mail-order companies that sell things like them 2-man saws for cutting down trees? I also would like a 1-man version (for cutting down small trees and logs).

While I'm on the subject, I also really need some manual way to shapen large tools like and ax. I have a wonderful little knife sharpener but its too small for an ax.

I would love to find someplace that sells these and all kinds of "old-fashioned" tools. I need the exercise even if Y2k is a (I hate to even repeat it) "bump in the road".

-- B-17 (, August 02, 1999


Yes, a mail order company that sells these 2 man saws is Lehman's in Ohio. Their website is Http:// (Sorry, you will have to cut and paste. I don't know how to make a link here). Their phone number is (330) 857-5757. They sell to the Amish and us "regular" folk as well. Sometimes they can't answer their phones, due to staff being busy on the floor. By email, ask for their catalog and they'll send it. Stocked full of non-electric items!!

-- Mo questions (, August 02, 1999.


You might also want to check with Cumberland General Store if you're in the eastern TN area (800-334-4640, catalog $4, They have crosscut saws and lots of other "old stuff" as well.

I suggest you not overlook the utility of a large bow saw. These saws use a relatively thin but very sharp blade held in tension in a steel frame, and can do an amazing amount of work for their size and relatively low cost. Sears has a 30" one, for example, and spare blades are pretty cheap.

Dragging a "gator tail" (as crosscut saws are referred to at home) is a real job, and it requires a good partner who knows what they're doing to keep the saw from binding. You'll need the proper tools to keep the teeth set and sharpened too. Unless you plan on tackling really big trees, you might not need this much saw. But if you do, find a good one and take good care of it. Are there any old-fashioned hardware stores in your area? If so, they might have some in stock. There's a somewhat shorter one-man version too, with a second handle that can be attached to the front of the blade if you have a partner.

Have fun,

-- Lee (, August 02, 1999.

If you're near Lancaster County, PA...I've made four trips in the last year or so. Flea markets, Amish hardware stores, you name it. You want it, they sell it.

Best Wishes,

-- Bingo1 (, August 02, 1999.

The other answers given so far are all useful. The most complete source that I know of is: Cross-cut Saw Company P.O.Box 787 Seneca Falls, NY 13148 Telephone: 315-568-5755

No web page, give them a call or send them a post card and ask for their catalog. They sell a wide variety of new and refurbished timber saws of different styles and sizes and prices. They also sell a book about care and sharpening the saws, and all the necessary tools to do the maintenance. I think that Lehman's also sells the same book (it's just a small booklet, less than $10). To sharpen your ax, use a 10" mill bastard file. Get one at sears or a good hardware store, and get a good handle for it too. (Don't want to jamb the tang of the file through your hand.) Hold the axe head in a vise or otherway of keeping it in place, and file the edge. There are some good books on sharpening all kinds of tools available, and one would be good to have in your survival (or self-sufficiency) library. Sorry, but I don't recall any titles offhand. Check with Good luck.

-- Jim (, August 02, 1999.

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