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I was just curious to know if anyone has tried using Arista film. This film is manufactured in England (most likely by Ilford) and distributed in the U.S. by Freestyle. View Camera pusblished an article about it a little while back, saying it had the exact same curves as Ilford FP4+ and HP5+. I'm just interested to know if anyone has tried it as a cost effective solution to, say, Tmax. I routinely shoot 5x7 and 8x10 Tmax 400 sheet film, and it's getting REALLY expensive. I'm assuming Arista film is not made with "T-Grain" or "Delta-Grain" technology, so it's probably going to have a little more grain......but, in theory, it should have more tolerance to processing errors. Well, have ya' tried it?

-- Adam D. DeKraker (, August 01, 1999


I have used Arista 400 in 8 X 10 for a while now and am very happy with it. It is not anything like TMAX. If you switch you will have to do all your calibrations over but it makes it possible for me to shoot more 8 X 10 than I otherwise could and I am happy with its latitude in exposure and development. I have not compared it to any "new technology" film, but I was happy with my 11 X 14 enlargements from 4 X 5 when I shot HP5 + and now I only contact print.

-- Sean yates (, August 01, 1999.

Arista 400 is my standard film in both 120 and 4x5. I develop in HC-110 at the B dilution. The film responds very well to developer compression and expansion. I have not done an entire Zone system on it, just enough to establish a working time for most of my photos. At less than half the price of Kodak film, I have no though of changing any time soon. I wouldnt have T-Max in any size as a gift.

-- Tony Brent (, August 02, 1999.

Same here. I use the 125 speed and have used several hundred sheets (4x5) with no problems. I would use the 8x10 but APX is the same price in that size and I have settled on that emulsion, though not for any particular reason.

-- Erik Ryberg (, August 02, 1999.

I use Arista 125 for my 4x5. I am very pleased. No complaints or problems I don't plan on using anything else either.

-- Jim Billups (, August 02, 1999.

I have used Arista 125 in 120 for years, ever since Orwo was no longer inported, and find it to be a very good film, the same for the 4x5 version, even though I have only used it for about a year. Both versions respond very well to Pyro development, and you can't beat the price. Pat

-- pat j. krentz (, August 03, 1999.

I read the same article and got a few boxes to shoot head to head with the Ilford films. After processing, I can't tell any difference in grain, sharpness, detail or exposure. The process well for me at the same times. But, the Freestyle seems to be coated on a thinner backing. It curls up a bit right out of the box, the Ilford does not have that problem. After trying it I didn't feel comfortable with the curling I had and have gone back to Ilford to supplement my Tmax.

-- Dan Smith (, August 04, 1999.

I thank you all for your input! There is still one question that goes unresolved, though......if this film is identical to Ilford, why in the world is Ilford (and Kodak, for that matter) so much more expensive? I just don't get it. Perhaps it's all in marketing costs...who knows.

-- Adam D. DeKraker (, August 05, 1999.

Wandering around various sites, i have seen this film mentioned. However,I have not seen any place to order in the US.Does any one have a known location in the SouthEast? Thanks.

-- Ann Clancy (, August 05, 1999.

Ann try

-- Sean yates (, August 05, 1999.

I'm sorry, that's

-- Sean yates (, August 05, 1999.

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