Elections for Youth Delegate to the Electoral College

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On July 4, 1999, our church held elections for the Electoral College. As directed by our pastor, we selected a chairperson. Because she was the chair she did not vote. I was elected and another young lady was elected as the alternate. After the election, we reported the results to the Church Conference. This all happened on the same day. The pastor announced me as the winner. But after the Church Conference had adjourned, one young lady, not the alternate, went to the pastor and complained about the election. It is my understanding, that if there was to be any complaints, it should have been done before the Church Conference adjourned so they could make the decisios as to how to handle the results of the election. He then declared the election invalid the next Sunday in the pulpit. He never contacted me. His reason for declaring the election invalid was the fact the chair did not vote. We were all under the impression that chair does not vote, except in the event of a tie. Today (August 1, 1999), we held an election. But the discipline says that these elections must be held at least three months before the Annual Conference. Our Annual Conference is in October, two months away. My question is which election is invalid? or Are both of the elctions invalid?

I also want to know what is the proper protocol to address this problem?

-- Anonymous, August 01, 1999


Everyone knows the chair does not vote, only to break a tie. The 2nd election is invalid..Once the results went to your church conference, & was approved that was it. If their ruling was not going to be accepted, there was no need to take it to them. You have recourse back to your Church Conference. You don't state in your letter as to whether you won the 2nd election.I feel your pastor should explain to you why he declared the 1st election invalid, if no more than a common courtesy to you, and why you were not contacted immediately..I pray things work out for you.

-- Anonymous, September 02, 1999

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