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The eye-piece on my T3 and FT-1 are different. I want to purchase an angle-finder for macro work, and most likely it will be via the Internet where I cannot see the thing before buying it. Are there any model numbers or other designations which will tell me whether an angle finder is made for one or the other type of camera body?


Peter Ulvskov

-- Anonymous, August 01, 1999


Peter: The angle finders and the focus magnifiers for all of the SLRs are the same. Both will fit the Autoreflex T series as they are. Late models such as the FT-1, FS-1, etc. (square eyepiece) require an adapter. Randolph

-- Anonymous, August 02, 1999

Angle finders

Actually there was a Konica "Angle Magnifinder AR" which only fits the cameras with square eyepieces. (I have one so I know what I am talking about here.) It has a selectable 2x magnifier, variable focus, and rotates 360 degrees. Oh, and it comes with an eyecup. Handy gizmo.

-- Anonymous, August 14, 1999

angle finder designation

there is also an angle finder designated, simply enough, Angle Finder 3. It is strictly for T3n and older bodies that use round viewfinders. One simply unscrews the finder eyepiece like you do to install the accessory shoe and screw in the finder. It too has diopter adjustment and rubber eye-cup. Because I wear eyeglasses, it is somewhat difficult to use, however, it helps in tight spots. Jon

-- Anonymous, October 04, 1999

Eyepiece Magnifier & T3

Is anyone aware if the Eyepiece Magnifier conflicts with the "CL" lever adjacent to the viewfinder window of the T3n? It appears like it might.

-- Anonymous, October 19, 2000

CL-lever/magnifier conflict

Dear John,

I have just tried the magnifier on my T3, and there is no conflict with the CL lever. I moves freely with the magnifier mounted.

Best regards,


-- Anonymous, October 24, 2000

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