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You can use a snare, a drop trap, or a dead fall ( for larger game ) all useing a figure 4 trigger, but the slickest method is to use fishing tactics. Quail, grouse, and squirell all feed on the ground, ( turkey and pheasunt require a different method ) and can be caught useing a small egg hook, a cernal of canned corn, and 2 ft. of monofillement fishing line tied to a sapling ( I use Spider wire (tm) ) The game eats the corn and the hook keeps them there. Check the trap often from a distance, if you leave it over nite, all you get is fur and feathers, predaters will love you.

-- CT (ct@no.yr), August 01, 1999


CT..... cool!!!!! Are you able to send me an drawing?? Am a city man, need all the help I can get.Size 16 or smaller egg hook ok ?? How is it tied to the sapling?? Any more advise is helpful.


-- Richard (, August 01, 1999.


I never look at the sise of the hook ( don't know )

The hook fits inside of the corn, it's hidden, just like fishing it's the size of the bait. Any kinda tie will work, I try if I can to hook it to a flexable lower limb so it acts as a shock absorber, probably over kill as I've never had one break-off, but what the hey. Find a place that you can see the foot prints, and chum a bit. Great over a camp fire.

-- CT (ct@no.yr), August 01, 1999.

CT.... Thanks I believe I get it. I can picture it in my mind ,thanks!!

-- Richard (, August 01, 1999.

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