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Does the Rebel 2000 CMOS autofocus senser have the same sensitivity as the eos-3? Is it able to autofocus with lenses/lens-teleconverters with maximum apertures of f8 and larger, or just f5.6 and larger like all other Canon eos cameras?

-- Nick Dawson (, July 31, 1999


This sounds like a question for Canon directly. But, it would seem that 5.6 would be its limit. If you combining telecoverters and lenses for an aperture near f8, then you really might want to consider stepping up the equipment in such situations--if it is really worth while (and money) to you. Only you can decide that, of course.

-- Chris Gillis (, August 01, 1999.

The short answer is NO. It's not the same as the EOS-3, it's more similar to all the other EOS AF sensor systems (AF up to f5.6).

-- Bob Atkins (, August 02, 1999.

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