Which audio settings in MPack?

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I've been playing with Astate MPack 2.0.1 and Toast 3.5.6 for making Video CD's on my Mac. The resulting discs play fine on my computer, but when I put them in my DVD player (Pioneer DV-414) I can't get the sound to work correctly. Some audio settings (on MPack) give me no sound at all, some give horribly chopped up sound. Any solutions out there?

TIA, Aaron -- http://www.etchouse.com

-- Aaron Veenstra (aaron@portup.com), July 31, 1999


I have no answer to your question but have one of my own that you probably can help. I use a Mac with Toast and tried to burn VCD using a file generated be Dazzle DVC USB external digitizer. This Dazzle supposedly created video CD 2.0 compliant file, but the file is rejected by Toast and the message say to use Astate MPACK. What is this software supposed to do ?.


Kiam Oey

-- Kiam Oey (ktoey@gte.net), August 04, 1999.

Toast does not work with standard Video CD-compliant MPEG-1 files but requires non-standard Toast-ready MPEG-1 files. Astarte MPack has the option to create files of this type.

I have created Video CDs with MPack and Toast and can play them back on Mac OS, Windows, and a Sony DVD player with CD-RW media.

-- Jeffrey Kraus-Yao (krausj@mailbag.com), March 08, 2000.

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