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I am looking for a site that sells the solar radioes with the wide variety of bands. I know someone out there has this information at their fingertips. Thanks.

-- DGBennett (, July 31, 1999


If you can't find a site on the net, the Heartland magazine advertises several Y2K products in its' catalogue including a solar radio you descibed.

-- Danny Farrar (, July 31, 1999.

Tim, We bought a wind up am/fm/sw radio through www.lehman'

You can also go to and browse through their catalog. The Bagen radio made in South Africa is the best you can buy and needs no batteries. Be sure to get the adaptor for plugging into an outlet. Runs around $100

-- FOX (, July 31, 1999.

The Fall catalog (page 2) of the National Geographic Society has a Solar Dynamo Multiband Radio. Recharges with a solar panel, hand crank, AC/DC plug, or 12V cord for car use--all included. Receives weather band, AM/FM, TV audio, aircraft and police bands, and world-band shortwave. Includes earphones & guidebook. Uses 4 rechargeable nicad AA batteries, included. 7"W x 5-1/4"H x 2"D. The item number was #83616. Price was listed as $99.95 (Members $89.95)

I checked their web site but couldn't find this item listed on their on-line store. The phone # they list in their catalog is 1-888-225-5647.

I have a small solar radio I bought a few months ago that just has AM/FM, but was thinking this one might be a better buy with all the bands it has. Has anyone seen or bought this one? The name on the front of the radio looks like Info-Mate.

-- Arlene (, July 31, 1999.

Northern tool & Equipment CO. 1-800-533-5545 or Solar/Dynamo multiband radio $49.99 Recharge with solar or crank Am/Fm $19.99 Solar/crank /lantern/Am,Fm raido $22.99

-- HD (, July 31, 1999.

Bought a solar powered radio/flashlight from Ebay ( for under $30.00. Name brand is Falcon, seller had many, he was responsible and shipped quick. This is an AM/FM radio with a flashlight attached. Can be either battery operated or solar.

-- Nancy (, August 01, 1999. They're the ones who have the modified Baygen--comes with a light bright enough to read by. They also have separate solar panels in case you bought a Baygen before the solar feature came out. is also the place to get house-brand rechargeable batteries--and they have solar chargers which accept all types of batteries (except the little 9v). Good service, informative catalogue, on- and off-line.

-- Old Git (, August 01, 1999.

The September 1999 issue of Popular Communications magazine just happens to have a cover featuring "SOLAR POWER FOR THE MILLENEUM". Great timing or what? The jist of the story is some quick "whys and how-to's" with brands and part numbers included to make a solar power system for "regular" radios that don't have built-in solar power.

This is the route we're looking to follow.


-- Wildweasel (, August 02, 1999.

So where are you going to find a solar powered radio station?

-- O.F. (, August 06, 1999.

Old fart:

So where are you going to find a solar powered radio station?

There'll be quite a few amateur radio stations on the air after rollover, whether or not the power grid is functioning normally. Many hams have provisions for emergency power, even though they may not believe that Y2K is a serious problem.

-- Steve Heller (, August 06, 1999.

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