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Pollys do not think interdependencies are important, or at least not TEOTAWAKI. Based on this group and csy2k, pollys are most likely in one of the following groups (99.7% accuracy, with 93 Federal days for testing): [modified from a prior thread]

(1) students (or the otherwise underemployed) with too much time and computer access on their hands, living off or with daddy and mommy, with loans cosigned by same (and don't have to meet payroll, much less file a W2); ex: [doomers@suck.com?]

(2) W-2'ers who never had to meet payroll (aka WIPMS, Where Is My Paycheck), otherwise they would know the 10-Q and 1099 IRS electronic reporting requirements requirements [you _do_ know what the IRS says about windowing don't you, Big Brain?] ex: [Doc Dwarf]

(3) Independent contractors who never had responsibility for the payroll and well-being of their employees (what are the contingency plans for paying one's contractors in the first quarter of calendar year 2000 if cash flow is disrupted for 60-90 days?) Ex:[?Anita, Hoffmeister, Flint]

(4) Pampered pets and other yuppie sw*ne variants (remember George Bush never seeing a laser reader at a grocery store?) who have never had to swipe a credit card reader for a living, or call a credit card company for confirmation (you _do_ know the readers themselves are _not compliant_ and _will not accept the card_ unless upgraded for US$ (---but of course, Big Brains know how much these data exchange upgrades cost).

(5) SME owners, hoping for the Big Buyout (or IPO)- will your capital source (undoubtedly backed by Orange County-style derivatives and heavily leveraged a la LTCM (co-managed by a Big Brain Nobel Prize winner with famous options formula named after him) still have equity to make you a cash offer next year? How will you achieve projected EBITDA with no cash flow?

The other 0.3%? Good luck. Hope you can meet payroll or pay your mortgage February 29, 2000.

-- Nelson Isada (isada@alaska.net), July 31, 1999


Dear nelson, i think you hit the nail direct.america has become the land of the marshmellows.soon to be TOASTED.

-- awesome. (dogs@zianet.com), July 31, 1999.

Since we are classifying pollies, lets in all fairness do the same for doomers.

Doomers are most likely

-Tired of the establishment. Feel disenfranchised that they did not get their share of the pie. Mid-management level without much hope for change in their lives.

-Within the last year were layed off. Angry after 20 years of loyal work, was given a pink slip and shipped off without even a thankyou.

-Teenagers or Generation Xers who belief in a higher being is one that is not a Judeo-Christian. Belief in aliens and large conspiracies to keep it under wraps.

-Just totally nuts. Feels everyone is out to get him or her and that they are a loner in a world that wants them for some unknown reason. Could be a mental disease.

-- MrWayCool (letsclassifydoomers@thisshouldbefun.com), July 31, 1999.

Mr. WayCool:

You forgot one category: a business owner responsible for meeting payroll. From your doomer classification, I assume you are polly class 1,2 or 3, with no concern Re your paycheck 1Q2000, and have never thought about the responsibilities of a business owner. Do you have a job, or do you live at home?.

-- Nelson Isada (isada@alaska.net), August 02, 1999.

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