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Hi, friends, I have several VCDs which cannot be played with VCD players (portable panasonic and a china brand)and cd-rom. However, when I use window explorer, I can see slides with pictures. The disk has 2 dat files, namely sea.dat and psp.dat each with about 60k bites in size. Other files are with extension .DIB and corel photo house documents. I did try using Xingpeg to click the sea.dat file but a message of MMSYSTEM 296 appeared. As the dat file is so small in size, I wonder if it were a movie CD or just a CD storing pictures. My computer is a 333MHz with 40x cd-rom. Many thanks for advice.

-- CK Ho (, July 31, 1999


Use xingMPEGplaye...You will be ok

-- lema (, February 24, 2002.


-- megat (, July 03, 2004.

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