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So...what did you think of the Blair Witch Project? (Spoilers allowed, I've already seen it.)

-- Gillian (, July 31, 1999


I have been anticipating this movie for at least a month, and it really didn't disappoint me. I loved Heather's character, and thought that for a movie that I think was mostly improved, it had a lot of irony and humor in it as well.

A few things confused me, though. Why was the first man Heather & co. interviewed talking about an old man taking children into the basement and standing them in the corners etc? I thought the Blair Witch was a woman?

What do you think?

-- Gillian (, July 31, 1999.

Ok, I have these questions after seeing the film a second time (I cleared up my first question by reading the Blair Witch website...thanks Elizabeth :)

(1) Do you think that the spirit of the Blair Witch made Josh do to Heather and Mike what the hermit did to those 7 children?

(2) Do you think Josh was dead already?

(3) What body part(s) were in that bundle of sticks tied with Josh's flannel? Everyone around me kept whispering that it was his tongue, which I found ironic because of his shouting out their names in the forest & house (if it was really him). My friend Brian's sister says it might be his intestines even though it didn't look like it. It looked like teeth to me, but too large to be teeth...

(4) Why the hell did Mike do that to the map???

(5) What was the significance of those hanging voodoo doll things?

(6) Do you think the 7 piles of rocks at their first campsite was representive of the 7 members of the search party that were found on Coffin Rock, or do you think that they were for the 7 children in the hermit's house?

(7) What was up with all the handprints/writing on the walls of the house?

-- Gillian (, August 01, 1999.

Go see the Blair witch website and read about the history. A lot of things in the movie are prefaced by the "historical facts" that were cut out of the movie itself.

Conversely, if anyone reading this -hasn't- seen the movie (I haven't yet...going on Saturday), reading the history won't diminish your enjoyment of the movie at all, since there is very little overlap. It's like reading about the history of the civil war and seeing "Gone With The Wind" or something.

~Elizabeth~ atropine: saper vedere

-- elizabeth (, July 31, 1999.

>From: Damien Youth >Reply-To: >To: >Subject: Re: [psychedelica] DMT and Owsley >Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 15:48:31 -0600 > >Considering there must have been a time when human's had to take the >laboratory >approach to finding out what is & isn't fit for human consumption, I >suspect such >natural hallucinogen's must have been ingested & could well have been the >recipe >of the conception of god's. The question becomes, "Am I seeing things that >are >not there because I am on a drug? or am I seeing things that have always >been >there thanks to this drug?" > >I am fascinated by breaking out of the hypnotic trance of consciousness & >experiencing the higher levels of consciousness & awareness. And we know we >have >various levels of awareness. Have you ever closed your eye right before the >bug >ran into your lid? You didn't think "Hey here comes a bug, I think it's >coming >towards my eye, I'll close my eye to keep that from happening" You just >closed >your eye & then realized, only after, why you closed your eye. I strongly >believe >there is some part of the mind that is so mathematically precise that it >can >deduce the out come of a situation before it takes place, the future! If it >realizes it strongly enough, in a way, it has already been there. I believe >this >could be one of the explanations for dejavu. If I stack ten dominoes next >to each >other, then you watch as I tap the first domino, you watch as it falls into >the >second domino, I believe, even if you turn away, your minds eye saw the >last >domino fall. But that is our minds deduction abilities at it's most >simplistic. I >believe there are more complex areas of the mind that can deduce an >"effect" >before the conscious mind is even aware of the "cause". Like the bug & the >eye >lid thing. > >I feel like I have consciously been through the crawl space that leads to >the >other levels of consciousness & I have seen the peripheral residents & >yes, in >my adult life I have done this by ingesting certain elements of this earth >;-) > >Though I must say, Mushrooms only made me laugh my ass off & then I had an >allergic reaction & had to go to the emergency room to have my stomach >pumped!!! >The emergency ward is the worst place to have a trip! I remember seeing a >burn >victim being rushed by on a big bed & people running up to surround him. I >would >have sworn that they had just cooked him, the bed was really a trey, the >medical >staff were really a kitchen staff & they were preparing the man for dinner! >The >worst part was my stomach started to growl!!!! So I don't do mushrooms >anymore >:-) > > > > Personal choice is personal choice, but I've got to wonder why anyone >would > > take such a risk with themselves. > >I'm quite sure natural hallucinogenic plants must have been consumed before >one >of us gathered up the courage to be the first person to eat an egg. >(Choice: >Cute little green plant on the side of the hill top? or Hard white object >with >slimy insides that fell from a chickens ass.) I think people take greater >risk >experimenting with new fad diet pills or even joining in with indulging in >things >that have proven themselves to be dangerous. > > > I don't see much difference between this > > experience and that of walking into my kitchen, randomly pulling out a >bottle > > of cleaner or disinfectant, taking a slug and waiting to see what >happens ... > >And with thoughts like that, you should definitely not do hallucinogen's! > > > > > will I get a buzz, find myself kissing the porcelean goddess, or >something > > far worse ... > > > >If you drink too much cheap hooch you will :-) > > > > > Not to second guess anyone (and spiritual growth is a wonderful >concept), but > > this sure seems like a dumb way to try to attain such growth. Go for a > > strenuous outdoor hike, climb a local hill and enjoy the view, put your >young > > kids to bed at night - all provide an enjoyable experience that has to >be as > > good as DMT ... > > > >I really respect what you are saying here.... But! if there is no danger in >DMT >why exclude it from the other enjoyable experiences? > >Side note: One of the most radical mind states I have ever been in was >brought on >by sleep deprivation. I was driving back from a gig in florida one night, >totally >sober! I felt like I wasn't going to be able to stay awake, my guitar >player was >already sleeping in the passenger seat. I decided I should pull off at the >next >convenient store I come upon. I spotted one & started to pull off, my >guitar >player jumped up & started yelling & grabbing the wheel! THERE WAS NO >CONVENIENT >STORE!!!!!!!! It was a cow field! Later I thought, what if my guitar player >had >woken up a few minutes later, would he have awoken to me standing in a cow >field >trying to purchase a candy bar? & god forbid what I may have been carrying >up to >the counter in place of an actual candy bar! And god forbid even further if >I had >successfully checked out & began eating the supposed candy bar as I climbed >back >into the truck!..... OKAY! I'll stop! > >luv, >dy > > >------------------------ Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ---------------------~--> >StartMeUp jump starts your car's battery >using only the cigarette lighter. >$24.95 at > >--------------------------------------------------------------------- ~-> > > > >Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to > >

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-- (, November 19, 2001.

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