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Found this ad in 6/30/99 USA Today - Travel Section

"CSA can protect you agailnst unforeseen travel-related problems caused by Y2K system failures, including trip cancellation or interruption, travel delays, and air flight accident. And we provide you with an emergency hotline to assist you with problems you may encounter while traveling in the year 2000."

-- ExCop (, July 30, 1999


Bad URL Yin.

Try this:

CSA- Y2K Web site

BTW, it looks to be a HUGE rip-off.

From the website:

"CSA-Y2K includes benefits that protect you while traveling on a trip of 30 days or less in the year 2000. Travel must complete on or before 3/12/2000. These benefits apply for travel to and within specific countries--refer to the application. This valuable product provides you with peace of mind for the low cost of $92."

Good catch, though. I'll send this along to a certain travel agent I know.

Best Wishes,

-- Bingo1 (, July 30, 1999.

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