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Major Insurance Vendors Utilize Year 2000 Network Advisor(TM) to Assess Date Change Exposure

PITTSBURGH, July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Some of the leading life and health insurers have turned to Infoliant Corporation ( to help assess their exposure to Y2K problems with their desktop, network, midrange and enterprise systems. Infoliant maintains an online database of software and hardware Y2K compliance information, including more than 36,000 enterprise, network and desktop products from hundreds of IT vendors. Subscribers to Infoliant's Year 2000 Network Advisor database and its Compliance Tracker(TM) notification service are able to save thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars by using Infoliant's comprehensive and dynamic Y2K compliance resource.

``The insurance industry has been one of the leaders in preparing for Y2K. Our customers use the Compliance Tracker service to stay abreast of the most current Y2K information from their technology vendors,'' says Kevin Weaver, executive vice president and co-founder of Infoliant. ``It also helps provide the due diligence that insurance companies are looking for when evaluating Y2K-related claims. And because we've been keeping a record of how Y2K compliance information has been changing on specific products, many insurers and their clients anticipate using our data for claims analysis and litigation support if Y2K-related failures occur.''

Infoliant uses a dedicated research staff and proprietary agent technology to monitor the compliance status of products in its database and then publishes this information online for its subscribers who can download the information from Infoliant's website. Customers can also subscribe to Infoliant's Compliance Tracker service, which sends out automatic E-mail notifications when the Y2K status of a product in the customer's portfolio changes. Many companies in the financial industry utilize Infoliant's Millennium Direct Edition, which creates a mirrored version of the online database on the customer's internal network, in either Lotus Domino or Microsoft Access formats. By using Infoliant's subscription-based service, corporations can focus their IT staff on more strategic, mission-critical applications that require more time to understand and remediate the Y2K risks.

Infoliant, Year 2000 Network Advisor, and Compliance Tracker are trademarks of Infoliant Corporation.

SOURCE: Infoliant Corporation

-- y2k dave (, July 30, 1999


Here's an article (from June 6, 1999) on the company and the founder Kevin Weaver:

Info liant compiles and sells Y2K compliance information on 36,000 products

-- Linda (, July 30, 1999.

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