Digitrax UT-1 Runaway Problem

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I am a member of the South Shore Model Railway Club in Hingham, MA. Our club decided to go with Digitrax several months ago, and while testing the Chief Set with a UT1 throttle, we have found a problem. Whenever the the UT1 is in Switch Mode while also running a locomotive, and a short occurs, the engine becomes a runaway when the DCS100 resets itself. It becomes impossible to re-aquire the loco until it is purged, or until the DCS100 is shutdown for 60 seconds. This is slightly annoying, as shorts are fairly common while switching. Most club members want the UT1's performance, and they want to throw switches from the throttle. They don't want uncontrollable trains. So, is this common with other UT1's? Is there a fix for this? Or do we have something wrong with what we have?

-- Jeremy Cahill (JFCJR@prodigy.net), July 30, 1999


Hi Jeremy

I have 3 UTls and had run away problems, Digitrax told me to run the UT1s from a powered up (battery saver) UP3. When a short occurs the DCS shuts down and thus the UT1 looses acquistion and off the loco goes. This is because the UT1 has no external battery. I am having other problems with the loconet in that my DCS 100 does not keep 11 throtles without over heating internally. I think Digitrax's implication that we can add unlimited units to the loconet without an external power booster (12 volt DC 100ma type plug in) such as plugs into a UP3 is misleading. My DCS 100 has been sent to Norcross for repairs and I am not a happy camper about it. Fortunately my dealer (Mansfield Hobbies) gave me a loaner which also started to heat up internally so I cut a UP3 into the loconet and back fed the system and the problem went away. I'll let you guys know what Digitrak has to say. The only other problem in over two years I have had has been with two DT 100 throttles that Digitrax fixed immediately at no charge. Digitrak seems to be a good company that stands by us when we have problems. I only wish the tech writers would answer in plain English!

-- Carl Senftleben (shoalsrr@hotmail.com), December 19, 1999.

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